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Utility provider out smart metering to landlords

Thousands of smart meters have been rolled out to landlords and agents by Glide, enabling its clients to future proof their portfolios. 

The smart metering roll out, which allows energy usage to be monitored without the need for physical meter readings, comes with a number of benefits, including the ability for landlords and tenants to save money by being able to look at their energy usage much more accurately and in real time. 

Glide will be expanding the offering to all its landlord and agent customers in the future, in line with the UK government’s targets. 


Alex Back, sales manager from Glide, said: “We are thrilled with how the roll out of smart meters has gone so far. 

“We are going to continue giving this a big push this year to further benefit more people and make our portal as effective as possible in its reporting capabilities. 

“Glide is focused on a streamlined approach and we are ensuring we continue to deliver more services to improve the customer experience.”

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    Not interested the tenant pays the bills liaise with them


    but if tenant agrees meter installed?

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    Terry the can easily be removed as they don’t work with other providers so you just change suppliers

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    Smart meters - especially the first generation - are a waste of money. They don't save the customer any money - just let the original supplier read them remotely, which is a facility lost whenever the utility provider changes.

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    • 03 July 2020 14:09 PM

    Whether a LL likes it or not any tenant may transfer to a different provider and change to PAYG.
    Where tenants have their names on utility bills they are entitled to change if they wish.

    DOESN'T matter what the AST states.

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    After many months I gave in and let my tenant have a smart meter. About three months later they have a small water leak of hot water in the airing cupboard. No problem, soon fixed but the tenant asked for a £30 rent refund to cover wasted electricity. Agent asked if I would pay it (so how bright are they?).

    After a quick Google I find a good hot bath costs about 35p including the water.

    Now convince me ten full baths of water leaked into the airing cupboard. Also, never a complaint Ifrom the floor below. I don't know anything about their electric costs or contracts. I told them to leave things alone.


    Tenant taking the p*** get rid of them ASAP


    I agree with Andrew. Don't let them stay beyond their initial lease period but wait until they have left before telling them why you did so just in case they get difficult. It's called revenge eviction - which is now much more difficult in Scotland - but in the end every eviction is a revenge one - and a source of consolation for the landlord.

    • 04 July 2020 17:07 PM

    Get rid of them FAST!!!!!!

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    • 04 July 2020 16:17 PM

    Whilst S21 is still available then LL can use the facility.
    But LL need to start utilising protocols that will be their only choice once S21 is abolished

    I doubt very much that a DJ will allow a S8 eviction for changing meters or utility companies as tenants are legally entitled to do this whether the LL likes it or NOT.

    LL have to understand that their power to do things is gradually being reduced.
    LL will just have to grit their teeth and suffer the inconvenience that tenants cause as it will be the tenant that is in charge NOT the LL.

    Providing the tenant pays the contractual rent on time and in full and doesn't engage in ASB there is not a lot a LL can do as regards any other aspects of the tenancy.

    Certainly no DJ will grant an eviction for minor AST infringements.................like pets suddenly appearing.

    LL just have to accept they are no longer in charge.

    Whether they wish to continue to suffer this situation which is only scheduled to get worse is a decision a LL will need to make.


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