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Most student renters have no contents insurance

There is a lot of focus on helping landlords better protect themselves and their property from potential claims from tenants, but many renters are often left taking major risks when it comes to their own belongings.

A number of landlords possess comprehensive landlords insurance that covers them against damage to the property, but this often does not cover tenants.

In the event of a fire, for example, the landlord’s property would be insured and he or she would get money for the loss of the building, but the tenant’s contents may not be covered, meaning that a tenant could lose all of their belongings and get nothing back.


However, many people who rent their homes do not possess contents insurance, research shows, meaning that they are taking a risk with their personal items if their property is broken into or damaged.

Students, in particular, are taking a big gamble with their personal items by having no contents insurance and are leaving themselves unprotected by having nothing in place, which is a concern ahead of a return to university next month.

Research by UNIDAYS and insurance company Urban Jungle has found that just over half - 51% - of students currently renting, or planning to do so over the next few months, have never thought about getting contents insurance. 

The poll of 1,680 students revealed that less than a fifth - 18% - have contents insurance, while 17% felt they did not need it.

Jimmy Williams, CEO of Urban Jungle, commented: “Students often have some very valuable items such as laptops, tablets and bicycles, which could be very expensive to replace. They are moving to new areas [when attending university], which might not be as secure as where they lived previously.

"Also, accidents do happen, drinks being spilled on computers and phones being dropped in toilets is very common.

"Everyone wants to have a happy and carefree first few months at university and the last thing you need is to be shelling out hundreds of pounds to replace essential items."

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    Insurance affords protection for major loss - fire, road accidents, subsidence, etc. But for the cost of a new laptop or a mobile phone it's just not worth it, especially when one's insurance claims record - and therefore future premiums - would be compromised with a single claim. Just not worth it, especially with the long list of exclusions in most policies
    The only insurance students really need is liability cover for cyclists (strange that this is not compulsory).
    Sorry, but this is a non-story put out by an insurance company which wants more customers and more profits.
    Landlords just need to tell their incoming tenants, students or otherwise, that their own possessions are not insured, and leave them to make up their own minds.

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    Not our responsibility, just a Micky Mouse scam insurance company out to make a few quid .

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    • 19 August 2020 12:36 PM

    I haven't bothered with contents insurance for 43 years.
    No point
    Nothing of value.
    Easy to get replacement dirt cheap or for nothing.
    On FB lots of stuff goes for free or nothing.

    Pointless claiming on Contents insurance due to claims being used against you for other insurances like vehicle insurance.

    The most valuable items that mist people now have is a lap top and mobile.

    Well they tend to go with people when they leave the house.

    Contents insurance for mist is a waste of money.


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