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TML increases maximum LTV to 75% on BTL remortgage products

The Mortgage Lender (TML) has increased its loan-to-value (LTV) for capital raising landlords from 65% to 75% on all remortgage products.

The hike means there are no limits on the amount of capital a landlord is able to raise in England, Scotland and Wales through a remortgage up to 75% LTV.

The facility is available across its core product range and rates for a five-year fix start at 3.49% and its two-year fixed rate products start at 3.13%. 


Steve Griffiths, sales director, TML, said: “We’ve been working hard to support brokers and their buy-to-let clients throughout the pandemic. 

“Recent process enhancements and increased resource in our new business teams has allowed us to increase capacity to support this key area, as it is clear that, for most landlords, their plans have not changed, indeed many see it as an opportunity to add properties to their portfolios.

“Whether capital raising is for business investment, to buy a new property, improve an existing property or refinancing, it’s important we have the right combination of criteria and rates to support their plans. 

“Increasing the capital raising loan to value to 75% demonstrates our ability to react to market conditions and is the right decision for us, brokers and landlords right now.”

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    75% LTV, total mugs game, if you have to borrow that strongly then BTL isn't for you.

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    I agree - now - but in the 80's buying my first btl flat for £60k with a 90% mortgage was the best move I ever made and over the next few years I remortgaged using the growth in property prices to buy a few more without having to put in any more of my own money. That £6k has grown to over £3 million in equity with £250k gross rental per annum. Sadly those opportunities no longer seem to exist although auction properties are still an opportunity for those willing to put in the effort and take a punt.

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    • 17 August 2020 11:05 AM

    Big problem with the strategy you achieved success in is the CGT bill stored up.
    You would need to sell multiple properties just to pay one property's CGT bill.
    But I guess if you don't need to sell then there will be all the yields that you are achieving.
    Just need to extend those BTL mortgages to age 100!!

    Perhaps leave the CGT bills to your heirs.
    In the meantime get spending all your profits!!.


    I actually bought quite a few of them in my grown up children's names so no CGT and very manageable IHT implications for me. I continue to manage them and enjoy their after tax profits but only have very modest btl mortgages on the flats which are in my children's names, with my own properties being mortgage free. I don't want a Lamborghini or bigger boat, car or house and can live very well on the after tax profits. My fear would be some sort of wealth tax that would seriously damage my cash flow and potentially force some property divestment or further giving away of assets.

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    • 18 August 2020 23:33 PM

    Yep I believe your sentiments about a wealth tax are completely realistic.

    From a Govt perspective they know that hitting private LL for as much as they wish will cause no electoral disadvantage.

    Rental property is an easy target for Govt.
    Let's face it if you or I were in Govt looking for the low hanging fruit that wouldn't be electorally damaging we would choose to hit private LL
    You almost can't blame Govt for thinking this way.
    It is an obvious imperative.
    Trouble is too few LL are aware there is a massive target on their backs.
    Taxing wealth is the only way.
    Consider that a vast majority of the population is feckless.
    Do you really consider that the feckless would give two hoots that the hard working and parsimonious property investors?
    Nope they couldn't give a s###!

    Fecklessness is supported by Govt policies.

    If you have worked hard expect to be hit for wealth taxes.

    Unfortunately fecklessness pays.
    It is the hard workers who through their business acumen have acquired wealth.

    Unfortunately the workers will be shafted by the shirkers.
    There are more shirkers with a vote than workers!

    LL in particular need to arrange protection for their assets as they are just an asset to be taxed to death by the feckless


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