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U-turn on evictions ban is simply ‘kicking the can a month down the road’

Protestors fear that there will be a potential spike in homelessness in the near future despite the government’s U-turn on lifting the eviction ban. 

A four-week extension of the ban was confirmed on Friday, but members of the union Acorn believe this is not not enough to protect vulnerable renters facing financial hardship. 

Acorn members held several protests on Saturday as part of a national day of action to shine a light on the concerns they have about the lifting of the ban. 


Protestors took to the streets around England and Wales calling for more to be done to protect renters. 

Sam Rae, of Acorn Leeds, said: “As soon as this extension ends, there'll be a tidal wave of evictions and that will cause a homelessness crisis.”

Hector Steenbergen, of Acorn in Swindon, welcomed the government U-turn on lifting the evictions ban but insisted that more needs to be done to support renters. 

He told the press: “As far as we are concerned, this [extension the evictions ban] is just kicking the can a month down the road. 

“The number is set to increase massively but it's not something we plan to take lying down.

“Right across the country, tenants have shown that when we get organised, we can win the secure housing we deserve.

“We have been busy training our members how to prevent and resist evictions and we encourage anyone facing Covid-related rent debt or evictions to get in touch with Acorn.

“The government has so far failed to act to protect renters seriously and if it is to avert a homelessness crisis, it must act immediately.

“If it doesn't, we will.”

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    Pay your way or go away.

    • 25 August 2020 10:21 AM

    Totally agree......And the faster the better.

  • David Lester



    A parasite is a person that does not pay their way and expects others to give to them.


    David Lester.

    If you're calling me a parasite you're just as stupid as The other landlord bashers who have crawled out from under their stones recently. I have worked very hard and taken many risks to provide quality homes for around 50 people. The first £40,000 of annual rental income goes on the minimum costs of maintaining these homes along with periodic capital expenditure on new fixtures and fittings. Finally 41% of the remaining rental income goes out on Income Tax - so after a lifetime of working hard I continue to be a valuable contributor to the community and economy. All I am asking from tenants is a reciprocal contribution from tenants which they have signed a legally binding contract to make. How could I be called a parasite for requesting any rent dodgers to move out so that a more deserving tenant can move in?

    CORRECTION. I forgot to take into account the marginal rate of 61% paid on over £40k of the joint income of my wife and me. On checking, we paid over £100k income tax last year. Rent dodgers don't just defraud landlords. They defraud the tax payer too!

  • icon
    • 25 August 2020 10:44 AM

    Is it not right that people should pay for their accommodation?

    If it isn't, I am off to the Ritz right now, to get a top floor suite that I will live in for years and not pay them 1 penny!

    I am sure they will let me, and will also positively welcome me because I don't have money to pay them. So everyone is happy.

    Great system.

    • 25 August 2020 10:45 AM

    I don't understand, I called them, and they hung up on me?
    Strange...I was sure they would allow me to stay for absolutely nothing..

  • icon


    Try the Dorchester. I've heard it's very popular with Union bosses - and they're famous for their freebies!

  • icon
    • 25 August 2020 15:55 PM

    But I had heard too that Union Bosses spend all their money on useless things and unwanted projects that usually cost 20 times the planned budget and take 6 times as long as the plan.

    And they continually do it. Without any regard for cost.

    So all I can imagine is they would gladly blow their constituents' money on a few suites at the Dorchester and then pay over the odds for the accommodation and overstay their welcome.

    Without even thinking to save a penny.

    I might be wrong of course!!!!!!!!

  • icon
    • 25 August 2020 15:56 PM

    Oh My God!!!!!......It sounds like a feckless tenant!!!!!!!!!!

  • icon
    • 25 August 2020 18:53 PM

    I believe it could safely be said that the true parasites are the feckless rent defaulting tenants poncing off the capital of LL.

    No other business is forced by Govt to provide services effectively for free.

    I DON'T get how the likes of Acorn expect LL to continue to provide free accommodation.

    LL will EVENTUALLY get rid of rent defaulting tenants.

    The question is whether it will be the LL lender repossessing or the LL!!


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