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Council warns landlords against illegal extensions after issuing £375k in fines

Buy-to-let landlords in Walthamstow, north east London, have been ordered to pay a collective total of £375,000 after modifying their buy-to-let properties - often with a view to squeezing in more tenants - without planning consent. 

Many of the guilty landlords have been ordered to pay the £374,663.89 in profits, fines and prosecution costs or face being jailed, according to Waltham Forest Council. 

The council informed the press that a confiscation order had been issued against Mohammed Raja Iqbal, director of Premier Home Investments Ltd, after he failed to comply with a planning enforcement notice and now has three months to pay the money back or else face prison.


The unscrupulous landlord was caught receiving rental income from a property that had been extended without consent in order to accomodate more tenants.


Elsewhere, a couple who were landlords of a property in Leyton were prosecuted for converting the premises into two self-contained flats and failing to change it back when instructed to do so. 

Waltham Forest Council’s deputy leader Cllr Clyde Loakes said: “People who flout planning rules for their own financial gain need to understand that we will take necessary enforcement action.

“We will consider action under Proceeds of Crime Act whenever appropriate so that we take away the financial benefit of this criminal activity.”

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    While these landlords are bad so are the councils for not building!

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    I agree with planning law and a minority of bad landlords might convert decent housing into rabbit hatches.. But thrre is something called 'retrospective permission' and a decent conversion could be overlooked or treated gently by a council.. But u can bet they won't..

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    It seems some posts are disappearing from this platform. Anyone else noticed that too?


    Yes Robert, is it a case of the truth hurts ??

    • 29 September 2020 21:13 PM

    Censorship I'm afraid.
    But one thing at least it ensures we know where the limits are.

    So we will have to self censor

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    We are slowly bringing the rest of the world to the UK. It is only honest and fair to provide them with the housing facilities they are used to. As an aside this is a great way to help welcome even more arrivals.

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    • 07 October 2020 11:01 AM

    They can have as many houses as they want as long as they pay the rent.
    And if there is over demand, then the prices will rise.

    I like that....I like that VERY much. More money for me. Much more money for me.

    Keep it up boys......All welcome, but remember to bring your fat and open wallets...... :-)


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