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Here’s where bulk of landlords may be eligible for Green Homes Grant

A PropTech firm has drawn up a list of those regions with the highest proportion of rental properties with EPC rating of F and G, suggesting this may be where more landlords may be eligible for the government’s new Green Homes Grant.

InventoryBase says that with the grant intending to help landlords improve their properties, and some councils across the country rolling out fines for properties below an E rating, landlords will need to review their properties and start improving their rating to avoid losses.

Eligible landlords can obtain up to £5,000 to install insulation and improved energy efficiency or low carbon heating systems.


InventoryBase says the regions with the highest percentage of renters are London (where 52 per cent are renters), the North East (39 per cent) and Yorkshire and the Humber (37 per cent). 

“The government’s commitment to improving the energy efficiency of homes with these grants will benefit landlords and their tenants alike, creating healthier homes and lowering household bills. Housing is a major contributor to our national emissions so it’s essential that more is done to bring our current housing stock up to standard” says Warrick Swift, commercial director of InventoryBase.

In these regions, the areas with the highest percentage of properties with F & G ratings are:

Region Constituency F & G Ratings % of All Ratings

North East

Hexham 3,316 14.95%
North East Berwick-upon-Tweed 3,939 14.26%
Yorkshire & the Humber Thirsk & Malton 4,374 13.33%
Yorkshire & the Humber Richmond (Yorks) 3,735 11.76%
Yorkshire & the Humber Skipton & Ripon 3,112 10.93%
Yorkshire & the Humber Scarborough & Whitby 3,159 9.75%
Yorkshire & the Humber East Yorkshire 3,126 9.38%
Yorkshire & the Humber Brigg & Goole 2,239 9.01%
Yorkshire & the Humber Beverley & Holderness 2,348 8.30%
North East Bishop Auckland 2,557 8.13%
Yorkshire & the Humber Selby & Aintsy 2,249 7.92%
Yorkshire & the Humber Halifax 2,726 7.66%
Yorkshire & the Humber Calder Valley 2,158 7.63%
Yorkshire & the Humber Keighley 2,239 7.50%
Yorkshire & the Humber Bradford West 3,143 7.10%
North East North West Durham 2,031 6.81%
London Enfield North 1,982 6.61%
Yorkshire & the Humber Doncaster North 2,017 6.36%
Yorkshire & the Humber Bradford East 2,913 6.33%
Yorkshire & the Humber Haltemprice & Howden 1,415 6.27%

Highest rates of F & G rated properties in England

Region Constituency F & G Rating %
South West St Ives 6,722 22.03%
North West Penrith & The Border 4,876 18.71%
South West South East Cornwall 5,088 17.72%
South West North Cornwall 5,547 16.85%
South West Torridge & West Devon 5,403 16.83%
West Midlands Ludlow 4,152 16.35%
West Midlands North Herefordshire 3,747 15.54%
South West Central Devon 4,188 15.28%
North East Hexham 3,316 14.95%
South West Cambourne & Redruth 4,309 14.68%

Source: InventoryBase/ONS

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    I have read the conditions of the ''green homes grant'' and just like the green deal a complete waste of time, another non starter.

  • icon

    Totally agree. Even the accredited tradesmen admitted the last green deal scheme was a scam as they paid the scheme £300 for leads and hiked the price to cover this. End user always pays.

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    It’s hard to understand why double glazing is not considered a primary qualification. Thus to get the full 5k you are going to have to buy an expensive air source heat pump leaving very little for anything else! Does anyone have any ideas on this? Or where the Air Source heat pumps can be bought cost effectively?

    Matthew Payne

    The Energy Saving Trust quotes a typical system will cost £9-11k to buy and install and its the labour of the installation that's the expensive bit. I assume they have based that on an average size property so a 1 bed flat may be a bit cheaper for example. There could also be additional costs with the council as some require planning permission.


    Air source heat pump. The last I heard from an installer Co was that the running cost was about 4 Kw per hr electricity. The real cost to the tenant needs to be sourced

  • icon

    air heat pumps are a con--just like wind turbines--


    Well from what I have been told around £15k to install and very expensive to run.

  • Andrew McCausland

    I think the grants are a great idea, the problem is the system that manages them. As a current Trustmark registered builder it will cost me £1,000's to get the PAS2030 qualification I need to deliver this scheme (not the £750 quoted by government). Then the administration around the grants is so intensive I have to pay more in staff time to complete this, all of which adds to my costs. We need to buy specific insurance and pay the regulators to oversee our work which adds yet another layer of costs.

    I can insulate a loft in a 4 bed house for about £850. As a comparison I asked a registered supplier to quote for the same building and it came in at £1,549. Speaks for itself really.

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    • 29 October 2020 09:58 AM

    Invariably it is better to just sell off these dud properties that can't achieve C status even if a partial grant is available.
    It will be nowhere near enough.

    Payback will be decades.
    Just not worth it.

    At the moment not many in the market are aware of the importance of EPC C status.

    Get those dud properties sold while ignorance still reigns!


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