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London mayor Sadiq Khan calls for two-year rent freeze

Rents should be frozen in London to avert mass evictions, city mayor Sadiq Khan has told the government.

Khan wants new powers to prevent any rent hikes for two years and has warned that up to half a million people living in the capital could face eviction because of arrears accrued during lockdown.

Despite little evidence to suggest rents in London are currently rising, Khan is lobbying for guidelines to be changed.


It comes as the existing tenant evictions ban in England is set to come to an end this weekend.

The mayor is also requesting the introduction of grants to allow renters to stay in their homes to clear arrears and to scrap Section 21 evictions as well as expanding access to welfare by abolishing the benefit cap.

He commented: "More than ever, Covid-19 means that many of London's private renters are facing a really uncertain future. 

"More likely to be in lower-paid and insecure work, the end of the furlough scheme means even more renters in the capital are now at risk of pay cuts or losing their job.” 

“If Berlin can freeze rents for five years, there’s no reason London shouldn't be able to freeze rents for two years in these extraordinary times,” he added.

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  • jeremy clarke

    The man is an utter fool. Constantly looking for photo opportunities and headlines whilst London falls further into chaos.


    no brain--years of inbreeding

    lets have 2 years of no rises in precept council tax and any other public sector tax eg parking fees and penalties etc

  • icon

    Presumably , this means rents also cannot be reduced ?

  • icon

    This Mayor has no idea how the rental market works. I doubt any landlord would be thinking of rent rises during this pandemic. Tenants are more likely to get evicted due to rent arrears so he needs to comes up with a scheme to help tenants pay off these arrears.

  • icon

    Will this idiot pay for landlords who put their life savings for this income and living and retirement etc

  • Taifoor Chaudhry

    Clear my tenants arears fix damages and I am happy not to increase rent


    You too? Well it isn't really a surprise; there must be thousands of us who have become victims of opportunism, backed by government arrogance. I was encouraged by the end of the eviction ban and the setting of the eviction date. However, about ten days before it was due to take place, a new eviction ban was introduced. This was not from central government, but no one can or is willing to tell me who is responsible. Meanwhile, the tenant continues to live, rent free.

  • Welsh  Cynic

    What a Pratt! pure socialist/communist dogma. Has he got any idea how he is going to house all those tenants guilty of damage, anti-social and willful avoidance of rent, are going to be rehoused in the future? If he had any common sense, he would be lobbying the Government to make grants availableto cover the rents owed by genuine hardship cases and having them paid direct to the Landlords.

  • Kristjan Byfield

    What rent hikes? Rents have softened in the capital (no surprise there)- some by a small margin - others by as much as 10-15%. General rules of supply & demand take care of that. Asked GenRent to back up their 'rent hikes' claim yesterday- still waiting on those answers....
    This man is a fool, has delivered nothing of his actual housing pledges- what's more, he knows Tories won't give him these powers and he'll then blame them when things turn bad. Pathetic.

  • Ruan Gildchirst

    Does a rent freeze mean the rent can’t go down? Average Rents could fall a lot over the few years if the global crisis continues

  • icon

    What an honour it is for landlords to be the chosen group to work in partnership with the government in financing the effects of Covid 19 :(:( (sense the sarcasm)

  • icon

    Tell our friend Sadiq, we landlords are also Humans trying to live with this Pandemic.... hard working individuals trying to get by.
    If you want a rent freeze, also put a tax freeze on income generated from rent and consider a freeze on mortgage companies raising interest rates when fixed BTL mortgages come to an end!
    Note: We landlords don’t have any magic trees where money is grown on! Help us too Sadiq!

    • 17 September 2020 13:58 PM

    Seriously do you really believe that Khan has any interest in preventing LL from going bankrupt because of feckless rent defaulting tenants!?

    Even before the CV19 pandemic feckless rent defaulting tenants were costing LL over £9 billion in losses annually.
    Nobody was considering resolving the dysfunctional eviction process then so what makes you believe that a few more billion in rent losses is going to motivate the UK Govt to assist LL!?

    You are seriously deluded.

    You must surely be aware by now that your leveraged business model is bankrupt due to inability to remove rent defaulting tenants in a timely fashion.
    Do you intend to remain in a business which you are prevented from controlling by Govt edict!?

    You are on your own.
    Sell up and take the CGT hit or lose even more money.
    Your choice.

  • Matthew Payne

    Just more politics. He is going for re election in May, campaigns start like this months in advance, he is simply shoring up support amongst tenants, many who may have had their heads turned at the 2019 GE by the Tories with all their own tenant friendly mood music. He knows there will never be a rent freeze anymore than he could wish to freeze house prices, but he has to be seen going into the trenches appearing to fight their battles.

    I can't imagine many Landlords would have voted for him anyway, so it's a very low risk strategy. For all those venting spleens, expect to hear more of this nonsense in weeks to come, so just remember to tell yourself, "it's all make believe, it's not real, it's for the election" every time to save the blood pressure rising unecessarily.

  • icon

    i have a feeling there will be no elections in future--nwo says no need

    ps khan is not mayor--his term expired may 2020--unfortunately moron boris has not removed khant

  • icon

    Sadiq Khan, please sort out all the arrears in rent of the tenants and pay the landlords liability .
    Hope this makes sense .You should have policies in place before you call for a rent freeze and give us landlords all the TAX BENEFITS and you have all the rights to sit down with RUSHI SUNAK , and decide how to reward the landlords


    It's just the same as with Andy Burnham and Keir Starmer. They're just glory seekers. They haven't got the mental capacity to understand the side effects of their proposals. The concept of a dishonest tenant immorally abusing an instrument of protection is alien. They're not accountable to such sub-species as, say, members of the public. Prigs.

  • Serge Ali

    How stupid and naive of SK. Landlords are the backbone of London allowing people to stay and work in London. Now the covid crisis along with SK and the con government have decided to help everyone except landlords. Mortgage payments holidays what a joke. Landlords will have it on their credit files, CCJs against their names if they can't pay mortgage payments. 6 months to evict tenants, tenants not paying even though some are able to. How is any of that fair on landlords?. Its a paid service they provide to tenants, not free. If you went to the petrol station and fuelled up and said you can't pay I am sure the police would be called. Or if you ate at a restaurant and refused to pay what would happen. Soon there will be no landlords left and properties to rent.

  • icon
    • 18 September 2020 19:47 PM

    As far as I am concerned with idiot SK, if he does it, then when I get a tenant out of a house, I will eave it empty.

    I can afford the Council Tax and maintenance, and I will do it just out of spite.
    To add one more empty property that is unused.

    And the local councils will have to pay a LOT more for that one tenant to be housed. I will be reducing the the average stock of available houses.

    So they then know where they can stick their crap ideas... :-)

  • George Dawes

    Perhaps he could have a 2 year pay freeze ?

    Make it 22 years


    Aw, come on; be fair! What about this swingeing self-sacrifice!
    "Mr Khan will take an immediate reduction in his £152,734 salary, cutting it by almost £15,300".
    How is this poor man going to scrape a living on little more than £137,000?


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