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Plans to deliver 3,000 new rental homes in London

Sigma Capital has joined forces with Swedish investment firm EQT to create a £1bn housing joint venture, with a view to building around 3,000 new rental homes in London over the next five years.

The new build to rent properties will be delivered across the capital, with the first 361 homes set to be developed in partnership with Countryside after a deal was agreed with the housebuilder. 

Countryside will soon start work on five sites in Ealing, Enfield and Havering, as part of the new agreement. 

Reflecting on the new joint venture between Sigma Capital and EQT, housing minister Christopher Pincher commented: “These 3,000 new homes, backed by £50m from our housing accelerator Homes England, will help us deliver for families across Greater London.”

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    Aren't people fleeing London, they may have a lot of empity properties on their hands.


    Who do you think will be first in line for these new properties ?

    Politically-correct answers on a postcard please.


    Sebastian.........First up will be scrounging feckless, cheating donogoods ars8es.......

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    Wouldnt it be great if Sigma/Eqt were mandated by Sadiq to only accept rent shirkers, anti social, slovenly families into these properties. Be just like the council sink estates that everyone used to moan about in no time. Contain all the headaches from us smaller LL's - win/win.

  • George Dawes

    All entries to be placed in a brown paper envelope left on the steps behind the local public toilets ( folding money proffered and lots of it )

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    Its strange thousands of unwanted flats already, I keep getting massages from Developers offering more help & incentives all the time to buy, must be getting scary for them to but sure never mind just build 3'000 more anyway.
    All this talk about giving Tenants loans sounds like a great idea ? how do they pay it back. Pity Rishi Sunak didn't think of that when he was dishing out all those hundreds of Billions of £'s of tax payers money, not very prudent is he. He could have simply said Furlough (or some other fancy name that people weren't aware off before) is a loan designed to help out people and Businesses in a time of need and would have to be paid back, it would have stopped all the fraud / fiddling and money grabbing by people who didn't need or not entitled.


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