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Anti-eviction activists step up demand for another ban and rent hand-outs

Activists from Shelter and Generation Rent have led the charge for a renewed eviction ban in the light of the latest Coronavirus restrictions in England.

Generation Rent last evening tweeted three demands of government:

- “Bring back the evictions ban, close courts and suspend bailiff action”;


- “End rent debt, raise Local Housing Allowance, scrap the benefit cap and provide grants to cover rent”; and

- “End ‘no fault’ evictions and evictions where the tenant is in no more than two months of rent arrears.”

The campaign says: “Now is not the time for renters’ to be evicted through no fault of their own.”

And Shelter, also on Twitter, called for more protection for renters from eviction and the scrapping of the benefit cap.

Meanwhile the lockdown introduced in Scotland by the devolved parliament has prompted an almost immediate demand from activists for that country’s eviction ban to be extended indefinitely.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has introduced measures, which have come into effect from today, which requires people to stay at home for the maximum amount of time for at least the rest of January. Outdoor gatherings are cut back severely, places of worship and schools are to be closed - this is in addition to hospitality, leisure and non-essential retail sectors which have already been shut for some days.

Almost immediately upon the Scottish Government making the decision, the Living Rent organisation tweeted: “With new lockdown measures in place it is essential that the Scottish Government extend the full eviction ban.”

In early December an eviction ban was introduced by Sturgeon’s administration which meant that - because of the timescales involved in Scotland - no actual eviction would take place until mid-March anyway.

The devolved administration said in a statement that the move would give extra protection to tenants during the Coronavirus pandemic, would reduce the burden on local authorities, and would also make it easier for people to self-isolate.



Housing Minister Kevin Stewart said at the time: “We took early action to, in effect, halt eviction action until March 2021 due to the pandemic. We have supported tenants throughout this difficult period through a number of actions including increasing our Discretionary Housing Fund from £11m to £19m to provide additional housing support and shortly we will introduce our Tenant Hardship Loan Fund. We are now taking this additional, temporary step after carefully assessing the unique housing situation created by the pandemic.”

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  • George Dawes


  • icon

    No matter what these people say there is no such thing as a '' no fault eviction'' most evictions take place because of non payment of rent, I can see no good reason to wait 2 months before serving eviction notices, I would have thought 2 weeks would be more than fair.


    This is very true! I have NEVER in my 30 years as a Landlord served notice on a Tenant without very reasonable cause. If I have a respectful, truthful and honest Tenant I will support them 100%, even at my own financial loss. That's the decent way I (and most Landlords) operate. The way this false statement "NO FAULT EVICTION" has been allowed to be politicised is nothing short of disgraceful - it's simply FAKE NEWS.
    Landlord's really need to rally - excuse my French, but get off your arses and write to your MP. The current situation where a Landlord is being forced to be saddled with a Tenant's debt has been allowed to happen and will get worse.... simply because of Landlord inaction and lazy apathy. It will take you a few minutes to write to your MP. Stop moaning and do it!
    ps. Happy New Year!

  • James B

    Can’t these freeloaders see that all they are doing is reducing supply and increasing rents gradually by such actions driving landlords out .. or maybe higher homeless levels is good for business

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Ginger Rent saying ' NOW, is not the time to be evicting people through no fault of their own. ' !!!
    G. Rent don't believe there is EVER a time for Evicting tenants for Any Fault.


    I've just been on Generation Rent's website, and it makes it clear they are referring to the current pandemic situation. So what is the evidence for your second sentence? Fact-checker please.


    Change the record please David!

    • 05 January 2021 14:29 PM

    Of course it is their fault. They signed a contract.
    They should pay for it.


    'Change the record please David!' says Robert. But we live in an age of fake news .... e.g. 'there is no such thing as climate change', 'MMR jab causes autism', 'the moon landings were faked', 'The USA election result was fraudulent', etc. etc. etc. That's why the BBC and other organisations employ 'fact-checkers' for things that politicians and others say and put out. If people put statements as the truth out into the open on social media, they must be sure it's true. All I'm asking for is evidence (like, say, a quote), then it's absolutely fine to put out. I'm afraid fact-checking is increasingly necessary in today's society of fake news. So for the good of everyone, no, the fact-checking record must not be changed.

  • icon

    Is anyone surprised to see this lot again?
    Look on the bright side - when this pandemic has been beaten GR and their brainless mates will have nothing left to complain about.


    Their basic complaint us that Landlords own properties that tenants pay for (sometimes ). They won't stop complaining because they don't understand economics.


    They will not be happy to until we are giving them money to live in our properties and still whinge. They will always have something to play victim about

  • icon

    Typical lazy freeloaders and parasites.

  • John Cart

    Shelter and GR are obviously not paying attention. The Court Service is doing a splendid job in "dragging their feet, over looking applications, not taking court fees" and many other reasons for not processing evictions. In my case they have successfully, held up a Warrant of Possession since mid October, our application to have the matter transferred to the HC was overlooked for a month, they "forgot" to take the fee from the solicitors PBA account, our simple application has been with the judge for over a fortnight now. HMCTS ARE A TOTAL DISGRACE.

  • icon

    Where are all these people going to go when they are eventually evicted? They will never pass a credit check for the PRS again!


    This is a exactly the point. Any of our tenants thinking this way and we read them their fortune. Those that insist on this mission will eventually be living in hellholes

    • 05 January 2021 14:22 PM

    Good. I hope their actions and hurt a lot. And for an exceptionally long time.

    • 05 January 2021 14:28 PM

    Excellent. And I hope they never get to rent another property anywhere at any time.

    • 05 January 2021 14:32 PM

    Who cares as long as they are nowhere near my properties.

  • icon

    We were in disaster area already without Corona due to unfair / unjust Laws & Regulations, licensing, s24 & C/gains tax, plus stupid Brexit where is all this extra money we were going to have just by leaving, four & half years wasted talking then run out of time and had to agree to something, gun boats are not much use if you have 3'800 Container Lorries stacked up at Dover, now Mr Michael Heseltine wants us back in. I don't know that any of my Tenants are Campaigning for anything all quite happy & satisfied, the know Corona is not our fault, it all outsiders too much time on their hands trying to create another business for themselves out of LL's Business. just how many have sprung up already at our cost. They are all very hi-teck with their Computers why not get a job.

  • George Dawes

    BBC employ fact checkers ?

    LOL , you should do standup


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