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Landlords wooed by council pledge of rent guarantees

Thirty properties owned by private landlords have been let thanks to a new rent guarantee scheme run by a Midlands council. 

Let’s Rent Coventry encourages private landlords to provide a tenancy at an affordable price, and matches potential tenants with landlords who have properties to let. 

The scheme was launched in May and landlords can sign up for either 12 or 24 months; they receive a deposit covering up to five weeks rent, as well as the council-backed rent guarantee. 


A spokesman for the council says: “It has many benefits: empty properties are filled; and both the private landlord and tenant have the security of knowing that the council is facilitating the scheme so that the rent is affordable, and the landlord will receive guaranteed rent.”


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    So the rent guarantee lasts 12 or 24 months, then what, a tenant that is likely to stop paying and a long drawn out court process to get them out, don't trust councils or their employees no further than i can spit, sounds like a big con to me to get rogue tenants housed.


    We actually did this, some years ago, biggest mistake EVER! Never again. The Council promised to deal with any issues the Tenants caused, but, when it actually came to it, their only priority was to keep the Tenant in our property.

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    Not in a million years would I hand over my property to a council!

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    If the council were that bothered they would rent off you and move the tenants in. Full repair, guaranteed payment as well as the inevitable eviction costs until they are gone. This is not what they are offering

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    In my experience the sort of tenants that are supplied by the council are not the sort of tenants you want.

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    Why not guarantee rents for all tenants and encourage or force tenants in trouble to move to cheaper properties if the market rents are high and they have unexpected money problems?

  • George Dawes

    I wouldn’t trust my council as far as I could throw the building

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Its quite funny ( or sick ? ) you have to admit.
    On the one hand, the Council are $crewin Landlords under Licensing, - then come 'Cap-in-Hand' wanting them to co-operate !


    This is so true. The irony and when I try to explain this sort of thing to my left of centre mates they never have an answer

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    A nice idea in principle, yet a poor one in practice, given the experience of many landlords.

    I thought Robert Browns suggestion was interesting, however I'm not sure the council would again be the right administrators of such a scheme.


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