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Police probe homes let by landlords contrary to Covid rules

Police in Devon say they will be cracking down on holiday homes let by landlords in contravention of Coronavirus lockdown rules forbidding non-essential travel.

Officers are to accompany council staff on inspections of holiday homes in the north of the county; some 340 have already been subject to spot checks according to local media reports. 

Devon and Cornwall police force says it will also check on the advertising of holiday lets over the duration of the current lockdown and afterwards, if Tier regulations are reintroduced and forbid visitors from outside the area. 


Councillor David Worden, leader of North Devon council, says: "The vast majority of local people are abiding by the rules but there are still a minority who are posing a huge risk to others by not taking the measures that are needed to prevent the spread of this killer virus.

“We only ever carry out enforcement as a last resort but some people have left us with no choice so now is the time to step up our efforts to protect the rest of the community.”


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  • George Dawes

    I used to live in the south west , they’re naturally rebellious , especially against these ridiculous rules - broken by the ministers who set them - looking at matt Hancock playing rugby in a crowd with no mask ...,berk

    Great down to earth decent hard working people who don’t let the establishment tell them what to do , shame there aren’t more like them

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    A lot of the anti holiday home sentiment is down to sheer jealousy.

    Does it make it any more dangerous if a home owner or tenant spends the lockdown in a second home instead of a principal residence? The former tend to be in more sparsely populated areas and thus can contribute to controlling the spread of the virus if occupants take all appropriate precautions.


    No, it doesn't make it more dangerous if a home owner or tenant spends the whole lockdown in a second home. I think the article refers to people travelling outside their local area for non-essential reasons during a lockdown. Which means they could be super virus-spreaders in two areas rather than one. Or have double the chance to catch the virus from someone else - and then spread it to others in maybe two places. (Don't think it's to do with jealousy, as Robert suggests.)


    I've experienced it last November. It's jealousy!

    Owners or tenants sitting out a lockdown in a second home don't pose double the risk as they're not in their principal home, but locals still don't like it, although they like us spending our cash locally and taking our higher offers when they're selling their own properties.

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  • George Dawes

    Dave’s really fallen for the propaganda, 😂


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