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Rent reform activists hit trouble with recruitment drive

Generation Rent, the lobby group that tells the government how it thinks the lettings industry should operate, appears to have a problem recruiting staff to run a campaign.

Last month is advertised for two staff to help a a coalition of groups campaigning for widespread restrictions on landlord powers in 2021.

Called the Renters Reform Coalition, the new group demand the government use the upcoming Renters’ Reform Bill to end section 21 evictions "and create a system within which renters feel empowered to stand up for their rights.”


The coalition includes Shelter, the National Union of Students, the London Renters Union and the office of London Mayor Sadiq Khan. The coalition is managed by Generation Rent, which is led by Baroness Alicia Kennedy.

However it’s now revised the closing date for applicants for the two roles.

Instead of yesterday - January 4 - being the closing date as originally advertised, Generation Rent is now promoting on social media that the closing date is to be January 11.



The roles - with pro rata salaries of £33,000 and £24,000 - include one of project manager with a job description suggesting the successful candidate would “direct and assist coalition to develop legislative action that promotes the coalition mission by developing position statements; reviewing and recommending endorsements of policies, and briefings advocating for policies”. 

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  • icon

    Maybe they need to up the money.

    • 05 January 2021 18:53 PM

    I know where they should put their money up!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Wonder Shelter aren't funding it out of their £ 70 Million Annual Income, half of that from Tax-payers money directly from Govt. !


    nearly 100%

    no charity should be funded directly by govt--negates the whole concept of charity--but politicians often end up at charities


    All that money and still housing no one!

  • icon

    Wonderful they pay no tax, but give them the taxes we pay instead, then they complain about the housing they don't supply.


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