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Renting is becoming the cool choice, claims Build To Rent operator

Private renting is now “a future-forward choice, seen by many conscious consumers to be a cool and connected way of accessing a covetable lifestyle without costing the earth.”

That’s the view of Build To Rent operator Quintain Living, which has issued a list of ‘on trend’ rental characteristics that it expects to see grow in prominence in 2021, notwithstanding the pandemic. 

This include ‘cool’ facilities like a concierge, in-block cinemas, private open space and clubhouses, say the firm. 


“People's expectation for service and support have been accelerated and we expect that that growing band of Build To Rent residents who have benefitted from concierge-led living will find it hard to return to life without it. And why should they?” states the firm.   

“Time-poor young professionals just want to move in without hassle and time delays in getting essential services sorted, there is a much greater expectation from renters to have everything 'ready to go' in the apartments they choose to live in. This applies to all ages - from 20-something flat sharers and young families to more mature residents who instantly want to access the benefit of connected urban living” Quintain continues.

The company also makes much emphasis on its willingness to allow tenants to have pets - a point of great debate amongst buy to let landlords. 

Quintain says: “2020 saw a boom in lockdown-pet demand with Google reporting record number of pet-related searches. As office workers slowly gear up to blended home and office working, we predict more enquiries from people who want access to parks and trails, as well as ancillary pet-friendly services like doggy daycare and grooming. In response to the demand, Quintain Living has ensured all of its buildings are pet-friendly, and is pioneering new amenities to be top dog for pets in 2021.”


Amongst the other trends it anticipates featuring this year, the operators expects more demand for larger homes. 

“Work-from-homers are stretching their needs beyond the more obvious demand for super fast broadband or modular, open-plan living. We're seeing increasing demand from single occupancy residents looking to boost their space, with a notable rise in three-bedroom apartment leases amongst this group” it concludes.

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  • George Dawes

    You will own nothing and you will be happy

    That's the bleak future for the next generation


    Mark Wilson

    The housing market is broken. Too many speculators putting home ownership out of reach for most.


    But Mark you are a letting agent that takes a commission from the ‘speculators’. Are you not realising your own hypocrisy here when criticising Landlords that house people that cant, don’t wish to or just won’t save the deposit to purchase a property

    • 06 January 2021 11:15 AM

    It is the tenant's fault if they cannot afford the property!!!!

    I want a Bugatti, but for sure I don't ever dream of asking anyone to buy it for me.
    As with anything, if I cannot afford it, I go without.

    If I really want it, then I will work harder to get the cash to make it happen.

    If I cannot do it, then tough on me. I will have to go for something cheaper.

    BUT I would never, never ask anyone else to buy it for me.

    And certainly not assume that other people MUST buy my desires on my behalf, just because I think I deserve/want it.

    The world is tough. Suck it up and live with it.

    It is NOT a right....It is up to them. And nobody else but them.

    Mark Wilson

    Mr Crisp, out of the 10 people that read this stuff you are the most disengaged with reality.

  • icon

    A cool and hassle free way of life has a cost attached to it, each to their own.


    what cost ?.. deposit and 1 month's rent ???.. and then followed with Tricia Urquhart's "LLs will be forced to evict non-paying tenants as soon as possible"...


  • icon

    The Housing is not broken but what they mean is they are determinant to break it by every means possible. There is no shortage of Housing yet they keep Building thousands of high rise unsuitable unwanted Flats. They want us out so badly they introduce S24, and dozens of unfair Laws one sided Laws, rules ,penalties etc to destroy us that don't apply to others, that plain enough can we not take a hint. The cronies from Eton, Harrow, Oxford & Cambridge now in power carving up the Housing sector for themselves its obvious to anyone. They are now Building to Rent big time, Developers & Government holding hands. The Article above / Wembley Park, Quintain to build 7600 units to Rent with Government making £65m funds available to help them, where is our help only doing everything possible to obstruct us, nothing to do with shortage they want us out of the way plain & simple, it makes no difference what we comply with at huge cost, we might be short a few Kennels alright, they want us out, out ,out. London is the blue print for other City's, they will not be bothered about rural areas.

  • icon

    who can afford to rent at quintain?


    Sounds like it will be very expensive.

  • icon

    What will the renters do when they retire? Most won't have a decent pension and we will have a whole generation expecting the Govt to provide them with LHA to pay their rent because they can't!

  • icon

    They will be able to afford Terry, they will put Benefit Tenants in & Gov' will pay them directly they are all mates.


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