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Another council threatens landlords with huge fines over electrical safety

Landlords in one part of the Midlands are being warned that they could face fines of up to £30,000 if they don’t have a valid electrical safety certificate for their property.

Private landlords are required by law to have a valid certificate before letting their properties, and to provide it within seven days of a request by the local authority, in this case Redditch council. 

Failure to do so could result in fines up to £30,000.


A council spokesman says: “Every private landlord should be aware of their legal responsibilities to the safety and welfare of their tenants, including ensuring their rented property has a valid electrical safety certificate.

“While the vast majority of landlords in Redditch are of course exemplary, if and when the council does have to serve remedial notices, we believe that fines of up to £30,000 reflect the seriousness of the issue.”

Electrical safety certificates can be valid for up to five years. The current regulations came in in 2020 and have applied to all private sector tenancies since April this year.

Council leader Matt Dormer adds: “It’s vital that we continue to support our local private rental sector to keep on providing so many people in the borough with good quality, safe homes. Part of that is enforcing safety regulations where necessary, and landlords and tenants alike should be aware that if they need support on these essential issues they can reach out to the council.”

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  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Councils threaten Landlords and then say, Can you house some undesirables for us [ please ? ]
    Answer ends in ' off '

    Theodor Cable

    That shows how idiotic they are......

  • icon

    Mr Matt Dormer. Councils are such hypocrites saying its vital to support private LL’s, and their way of achieving this is to penalise and regulate him out of existing. We are all aware of the importance of safety. They have lost all sense of value of money, their idea of penalty is £30k which is more that a years salary for most families. The haven’t a clue never had to earn a living in the real world just hold glorified positions. It abuse of their status and loosing all credibility with the Public.

  • icon

    Misinformation in this article.The rule does not apply to ALL private landlords.
    There is no obligation to private landlords in Wales to have an electrical safety certificate , although it is up for debate by the Welsh government and may be introduced in the future if a new bill is passed.
    I rang the WG and got clarification .

  • icon

    Have you noticed that any notices from councils, utilities and other bodies including Govt always threaten if you don't comply. never encourage you to comply. We are all treated ( not just landlords ) as if we are potential rogues. Vey big culture change in recent years.
    Councils are judge, jury and executioner and can set their own disproportionate penalties and are accountable to no-one. If a judge imposed a penalty equivalent to most of someones annual income for any offence there would be a massive outcry about the injustice of it in the press.
    I appreciate that if a landlord ignores Council notices consistently then swingeing penalties should apply but not for not having an Electrical safety certificate.

  • icon

    25’000’000, homes in the UK, is it only Landlords’s the minority that needs to comply with anything, we are being singled out for punishment.


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