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Council cannot find rental accommodation for Afghan refugees

Reigate and Banstead council is appealing to private landlords with vacant, or soon-to-be vacant, two, three or four-bedroom homes for rent.

The council has pledged to accommodate and support three Afghan refugee families who assisted British forces and had to flee their homes in Afghanistan. 

It has been working closely with local partners and the voluntary sector; however, as yet, it has been unsuccessful in securing suitable homes for these families to start their new life in the borough.


A council spokesperson says: “These Afghan families put themselves at risk to help our UK Armed Forces and now it’s our turn to help them to start a new life in our community in safety.

“We are urgently looking for properties for three families. Although we had an initial flurry of offers when we announced we would be taking part in the relocation scheme, unfortunately none of these have come to fruition or proved suitable.


“So, if you have a two, three and four bedroom self-contained property in good lettable condition in the borough and that ideally has good transport links, please contact us. In return the council will offer a package to landlords which includes rent in advance plus a deposit, funded by the Government. 

“Experienced council staff will support landlords and tenants through the process of resettlement, provide ongoing support for the tenancy and help them find employment through our existing Refugee Support service.

“We are not using properties intended for local families in housing need to rehouse refugees, which is why we are making this wider appeal to private landlords that can assist this small cohort.”

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    A deal with a council ? sorry no way, why not try a ''PLAN'' landlord ?

  • Theodor Cable

    No way will I be helping any Council whatsoever, no matter who is involved.
    Unless they want to guarantee they will pay me £5,000 pcm.

    They made the offer for the Afghan refugees, so if they want it, they have to pay for it.

    It is a Laissez Fair economy and that involves the market deciding the price.

    For sure they ain't getting my properties for a knock down price.

  • icon

    "rent in advance plus a deposit, funded by the Government' The councils are finding out that us LL's wont be taken in with a weak contract. Make it a commercial contract checked by our solicitor with guarantees then we might be interested

  • icon

    Given the people they're trying to help are those who worked with us before we left them high and dry, I do think this country should help them

    Why not send a plane load of our own native non productive couch potatoes over to Afghanistan and house the refugees in the homes they vacate, assuming that they are left fit for decent potentially productive people to live in?

    I'm sure the Taliban would soon instill a work ethic in those whom we have allowed to remain idle for far too long!

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    The Council can't house our OWN Homeless, and here they are, trying to go above and beyond for people who should be accommodated in neighbouring Muslim countries !!!

  • icon

    UNFORTUNATELY what is expected in standards of accommodation in the UK will be different to the way in which the refugees occupy their homes therefore this will result in the manner in which homes are occupied by refugees leading to homes falling below proscribed standards I do not have a problem with assisting refugees to acclimatise to inhabiting UK homes in a manner that takes into account the british climate
    HOWEVER We all know councils will be hovering like vultures targeting unsuspecting naive landlords
    who think they are helping these unfortunate people , when as is inevitable the manner in which houses are occupied by families not used to the uk conditions ie drying clothes methods of cooking in rooms etc lead to instances of damp and mould the councils will mercilessly prey on landlords hitting them with multiple £30k fines making sure they do not have any chance to educate their tenants or rectify problems


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