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Council using covert cameras to spy on landlords when tenants leave

A local authority admits it is using covert cameras to spot landlords illegally fly-tipping.

Darlington council claims there have been several incidents reported in recent weeks in which a previous tenant’s furniture and other items have been dumped to the rear of properties or taken away and fly tipped elsewhere.

Councillor Jonathan Dulston, Darlington council deputy leader, says: “While we appreciate most landlords do the right thing, there is a small minority who are behaving completely irresponsibly, and this is not acceptable.


“Our Street Scene staff are working hard to keep the borough’s back lanes and streets clear of litter and rubbish, and our civic enforcement officers are carrying out investigations to track down those responsible.

“We’re also making use of new covert and overt techniques, including cameras and are warning landlords that we take a very dim view of such activity and will take action. When they are caught they will face very high, unlimited fines or even a term of imprisonment, and at the very least a £400 fixed penalty notice.”


He adds: “We are keen to work with residents and landlords to tackle fly tipping to improve the quality of life for all who live and work here.

“If you, as a landlord or resident, need to get rid of furniture or other items we would urge you to take them to the tip, book one of our bulky waste collections or perhaps donate it to charity. However, if you do decide to use a private waste contractor make sure they are genuine and are licensed by the Environment Agency.”

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    More likely the tenants fly tipping


    Not always. I am on the management group of a complex where I own a flat. There is a company who run several shared flats on the site and regularly fly tip stuff left behind by their tenants. We would use cctv to catch them but the installation costs a lot. In any case, the landlord should be checking and deducting from deposits to cover waste clearance if tenants leave stuff. We wouldn't dream of leaving it for someone else to deal with.


    It's the tenants who need prosecuted as it's their rubbish, not the landlord's rubbish.


    Agreed Robert, normal practice is to prosecute not only the fly tipper but also the person who's rubbish it was.

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    Good! There is absolutely no excuse for fly tipping.

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    I am totally against fly tipping, it maybe be the Tenants or house holders of certain cultures or nationalities mainly. Councils not helping by preventing use of waste disposal / recycling Depots. Brent & Ealing introduced internet on line bookings only to book a slot. It’s so difficult you would need a degree to do it that have reduced people using it by half. Then add Brent closes the dump 2 days in the middle of every week, while Ealing closed the Acton one altogether. The force in Alleyway Gates on Private property spending £1.5m in Ealing alone. I used drive through every day & take any rubbish I seen regardless of who owned it, now the rubbish is inside / outside and the Service Alleyways totally blocked and unusable. Households / Tenants can use the dumps for free it at no extra cost. The LL can’t it’s considered commercial and have to pay but its the Tenants F N stuff

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    For good measure they have a helpline phone number, a talking recorded machine to put you through your paces that eventually tells you to go online to find out what you want to know, notwithstanding the fact you have already spent an hour on it and the reason for your call to an obsolete Phone

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Tax-payers would hope that any measures to prevent Fly-Tipping ( which is absolutely abhorrent ) is intended to detect ANYONE who Fly-Tips ?
    There should be no need for a Council to specify any particular group of people. ( Unless they're Biased, of course ? )


    Which of course they are, biased that is.

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    What’s amusing is they said it was the previous Tenants stuff, why then wasn’t the previous Tenant prosecuted, they had identified and had the evidence. This is the result of removal of the 10% wear & rear causing evermore LL’s to switch to letting unfurnished, so the Tenant brings in all the substandard non compliant rubbish then decides to dump his worthless belongings at the end, no problem for Council camera or not fine the owner who didn’t dump it.


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