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Gas boilers to be banned and replaced by heat pumps - claim

The government is poised to announce a ban on the installation of gas boilers by 2035.

Instead home owners including landlords will be offered £5,000 grants to install heat pumps - air or ground versions.

The Daily Telegraph, quoting sources close to the government, says the decision was taken at Cabinet on Friday and will be revealed to the public this week.


The newspaper says the move will be worded to make it clear that existing boilers will not require removal but the ban will apply to future installations beyond 2035.

However ‘early adopters’ switching from a gas boiler to a heat pump will be entitled to the grant, which is an increase on the £4,000 subsidy known as the Clean Heat Grant and eligible to some households now. 

The Telegraph says the government will also work with the industry to halve the cost of heat pumps in the coming years; currently boilers cost up to £3,500 but heat pumps can be £10,000.

Running costs for both heating systems are similar right now but the paper suggests the government will introduce a ‘pollution tax’ on gas in the near future.

The government is also reported to be exploring ways to enable or require new natural gas boilers to be easily convertible to use hydrogen by 2026.

Some hydrogen-ready models are available on the market, but questions over their practicality remain.

Other alternatives to gas boilers include electric or electric-combi boilers, central and biomass boilers. 

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    No mention of the unsuitability of most of our housing stock to be retrofitted with heat pumps - which require well insulated houses, bigger radiators, maybe bigger pipework, bigger water tank, additional storage space for units, top up heat source - all off which is invasive to fit & expensive.

    Whilst the Govt can force its will on the PRS (I guess most of us will leave) how on earth does it intend to force hard pressed home owners to find this sort of cash? Without changes to the whole of the housing stock the transfer away from GCH is meaningless and from where I'm standing there is no viable alternative at present.

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    I like the bit about Grants for some eligible people that will be the ones that have been getting new free gas Boilers for years. Contribute nothing do nothing and you so be a priority for a new Heat Pump.



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    We had a quote for a heat pump we have a small 2 bed bungalow in Lancashire they quoted £16,000 for the pump which would do the heating but was told we’d still need the boiler for water so even with a £5,000 grant it’s still a ridiculous cost where is the logic here

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    what happens for people in blocks of flats - will they have to move to electric ?

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    2035, I'll turn 81, will I still be here ? maybe, will I still be an active landlord? doubtful. so I'll be sticking with the gas boilers.

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    As usual, the Government going off at halfcock, Heat Pumps are only realistic in new Builds.

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    Fair enough if the government want to phase heat pumps in through new housing but to insist that landlords have to spend thousands on unnecessary replacements is a sure vote loser as I would think that the vast majority are Conservative voters. There is also nothing wrong with gas boilers. The whole green thing is a scam!

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    I don't understand how a heat pump can be fitted to the rows and rows of high density terraced housing that only have small gardens or tiny concrete yards. The heat pumps make some noise i am sure, there wouldn't be enough space to have the pump far enough away from the house, you would hear that noise, and the neighbours pumps on either side. The whole idea is very awkward. So presumably a lot of homes would be forced to move to electric. Maybe that is the better option once we sort out the renewable supply a bit more?

  • George Dawes

    Isn't hydrogen a bit ... erm .. explosive ???

    Look at the Zeppelin , not the led one

    Imagine having that in your house !? KA BOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!!

  • George Dawes

    They want to move us all to electric smart meters , that way if we misbehave - you get switched off remotely ...


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