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New trade body for landlords to launch this month

A new trade body called PLAN launches this month with the aim of representing large scale Portfolio Landlords with 75 properties or more.

Portfolio Landlords Action Network says it’s standing up for landlords who operate full time on a professional and ethical basis with 75-plus units, and it already has over 30 members with 5,000 properties between them.

Cumbria-based chair of the organisation, Marcus Selmon, says PLAN has three goals: 


1. To provide a distinct voice separate from traditional buy to let Landlords because that is not who our members are;

2. To network and share experiences in how to grow portfolios and utilise the latest tech; 

3. To work with Tenants as customers and provide homes for them that are long term, affordable and most importantly operated to a standard that meets their expectations.

PLAN has come about against a landscape of what it sees as a series of government measures to try to rid the private rental sector of small scale buy to let landlords with one, two or three properties. 

A statement from PLAN says what the government wants is "full time Portfolio Landlords who operate their properties as a business for the supply of homes that meet tenant needs.”



However, it goes on to say: “The government is working hard to discourage buy to let investors but the risk is if it succeeds with no plan in place to replace them, then there will be a massive housing shortage. PLAN has that plan and wants to assist the government to create a new vision of the private rental sector and a new set of rules that will encourage much larger landlords to emerge to fill the gap left as smaller landlords leave.”

The new body is asking qualifying landlords interested in the new organisation to make contact at info@landlordportfolio.co.uk ahead of the formal launch on November 16.

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    PLAN my foot at least the first paragraph got it right when you said it’s not traditional LL’s.
    Why not plan for LL’s with less that 75 properties, although you seem no different to the Mayhew Report 2006, (they got £100k for that nonsense) that don’t know whether its units of properties they were talk about, or actual full properties.
    Another big boys Club built on the backs of small private LL’s with greed, started with the Woolwich buy 2 let nonsense skyting deeds for one property to the next and nothing actually paid for, just buy more on the inflation of the others.
    We were traditional LL’s that used traditional Commercial Bank Loans but now hi-jacked,
    and it’s what caused us all the greedy hate from the wider community, very likely to have caused the 2004 Act, nibbling away at the 1988 Act, making it useless & under mining Section
    .21 plus a Raft of other ant-LL regulations continuing to this day. Paul don’t forget your roots in Kenton where my first employer Kingsway Builders were based, (small).

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    Plan, no matter how big you are or want to be trying to corner the Letting Business on a massive scale, just like the other Big Institutions, John Lewis and Banks etc, muscling in on Private Rental that didn’t exist prior to our efforts in getting the 1988 Act, that created private Letting.
    So your idea is to a monopoly as you hoover up the small Private LL’s currently being forced out of business.
    No matter how big and gloat all you want you are still dependent on the individual paying her / his £300 or £400. pm, put that in your pipe and smoke it, the Tenants will know who’s best for them.

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    This is a rapacious business model and insidious plan to remove landlords from business.
    Taking advantage of LL with small portfolio that are already vulnerable.

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    "PLAN has that plan and wants to assist the government to create a new vision of the private rental sector"
    Any organisation which works with the government to create a new vision for the rental sector must be corrupt from the start. Perhaps it should buy a big red bus and festoon it with "Terminological inexactitudes"?

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    It would seem that PLAN has big ideas, and we know what generally happens to people with big ideas, time will tell

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    I have never heard anything more farcical.

    There are only two things that influence the direction of government

    1. Money
    2. A loud voice

    Unless they are going to start paying lots of money to unscrupulous people to influence policy, they will get nowhere, because 30 members do not have a loud enough voice. I doubt very much that there are the actual numbers of LLs that have 75+ properties to make that voice even remotely loud enough for a Government to hear let alone actually listen.


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