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Senior Labour MP wants one-year rent freeze for all tenants

John McDonnell, who until 15 months ago was the shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, has called for all tenants to be given a one year rent freeze.

He says the move would relieve pressure on families amid soaring energy bills and the £20 a week cut to Universal Credit for some of the lowest paid in Britain.

McDonnell, now a Labour backbencher, says: “Many families are facing a winter of worry and hardship from the cut in universal credit, hikes in energy prices and record rent rises.


“It’s really tough and uncertain time for so many. A rent freeze will relieve many of them of major pressure on their household budgets this Christmas and provide increased security that they can afford to keep a decent roof over their heads.

“It will also assist the economic recovery from Covid by maintaining demand in our economy.”

McDonnell - who has directed the demand at Chancellor Rishi Sunak ahead of his Budget next week - says the freeze should apply to all tenants whether with private landlords or housing associations or councils.

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    Great idea John, I agree with you for once with one proviso that the Regulations are frozen as well. My rents haven’t increased in ages anyway so I am light years ahead of you and won’t feel the cold on that front.

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    Thanks to all the government interference, I have been forced to raise my rent by 60% to cover all the additional costs now being imposed upon us LLs. Of course I won't see all of that increase myself since it will go to pay those costs. But because of the increased fees that LLs now have to suffer, in the end, it is still the tenants who end up paying.

    Theodor Cable

    Same here and still the Govt. does not realise how they are costing tenats £1000,s.........

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    Rather than a rents freeze try a Council Tax freeze to relieve soaring energy bills!

    Peter  Yednell

    How abt a freeze on MP's salaries?

  • Theodor Cable

    Fine by me......
    All that will happen is that tenants will pay for any lost income over the years. No matter how long it takes.

    In my view, say the annual rent is £9,000, then the following year the rate will go up to £12,000 and £3000.00 each year until it is paid back. Every penny, including any additional fees and administration.

    And if the tenants do not want it, then fine. There will always be someone who will take it.

    Well done Marxist McDonnell, sheer brilliance. So now you want to financially and badly hurt the people you say you want to protect.

    I feel you have realy worked that out very well.

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    I'd like a freeze on mortgages, utilities, council tax, food, wine .......unfortunately we don't always get what we want John. The constant pressure on LLs is pushing many out of the sector and the result is fewer properties and more tenants. This is called supply and demand, I believe, and the result is higher prices - basic economics John!

  • girish mehta

    Looney idea, Tenants don’t pay rent, That’s why there are more rent arrears,who is going to pick up the tab!!!

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    I've just increased most of mine, something I normally only do when re marketing a property, but with all these additional costs and red tape coming along some one has to pay, and it won't be me.

    Theodor Cable

    For sure not me........
    The only people who will benefit will be the likes of me......

    Over time I would claw back every penny this stupid McConnell plan is trying to get passed.....

    And it will be tenants who pay.

    I would love those tenants to realise that their Marxis
    t favourite will be costing them £1,000s and £1000s...and even more.

    Then they will realise.....and I will be richer. So bring it on.

  • Daniela Provvedi

    This remark from McConnell is so ridiculous, I had to read the heading twice, couldn't believe my eyes.
    He states this move "would relieve pressure on families".... Which families? What about those of us who don't rent? What relief does my family have from this move?


    Everything JM says is ridiculous. Extreme lefty!

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    • 18 October 2021 09:33 AM

    And what about those who don't rent? you filthy lazy incompetent cockcroach.

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    This idiot has form on this topic. Attention grabbing again. Fortunately he's nowhere near the levers of power so just howling at the moon again.

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    Just freeze the Regulations I have £10k renewable application fees alone due before Christmas if they renew them for me after all I have said but its the truth anyway.
    One of the Questions on the Application is have you got sufficient funds for up keep / repairs & maintenance if you say no you probably won’t get the Licensed. Maybe they want to know if you have got anymore left to rob ? If you haven’t enough funds its most likely because they have taken them .

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    Mr John McDonnell has now been moved from Shadow with his Private Property confiscation ideas that probably cost Labour the Election, if he had his way that would end any Investment.

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    What a muppet. I'll tell you what John, you compare my rent increases over the last 15 years to the wage increase that MP's have had over the same period. I have no doubt which would show better value.

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    Universal credit is not being cut. Stop peddling left wing lies!

    Algarve  Investor

    Well, yes it is. A £20 reduction in UC is a cut, even if it's returning to pre-Covid levels.

    You can agree or disagree with the decision, but it does represent a cut. Semantics to suggest otherwise.


    It's a removal of a temporary increase, not a cut.

    Do you claim on 26 December that Christmas has been abolished just because its 24 hour duration has ended as predicted?

    Same logic!


    There was a '' temporary'' increase which is now being removed, and so it should be lazy scroungers .

    Theodor Cable

    EVERYBODY knew it was coming. For over a year at that.
    And everybody was told and warned it was only a temporary plan.

    And when it happens everyone seeems surprised.

    Wake up you scrounging scum and take responsibility for your lives.

  • Mohammad Kamran  Iqbal

    Why no freeze on council tax and energy bills for two years?

  • John  Adams

    The irony is that all these politicians have access to some of the best economists in the world but yet they seem to think they know better. Look at when Brown sold off Gold at the lowest market price in decades, Economists across the spectrum were screaming at him that it was madness...

    Rent Caps, Tax Increases and Green Regulations achieve nothing for the tenants, instead, I have a bigger tax bill to find, and less money to actually carry out improvements like adding modern thermostats and solar electricity, which is what I was going to do, as contrary to the fools at Generation Rent and Shelter, the majority of good landlords do - they repeatedly overlook the fact that LHA and HA's are responsible for some of the most appalling failures in housing quality, black mold, broken fire escapes, poor repair times are all far more common to LHA and HA homes.

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    Why no freeze on MP's salary!

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    Slippery slope... and we have enough of those right now!

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    The £20 pw (£1000pa) was never a universal credit increase, it was clear from the beginning it was simply addition temporary money to help with a crisis, why does some people want free money that some other person has to pay in.

  • George Dawes

    This is the guy who was against second homes then they found out he had 3 !!!!

    Typical Labour Hypocrite



    Surely he only had one second home, then a third, then a fourth?

    Just think....If Corbyn had become PM, McDonnell would have had No. 11 as a fifth home and a country mansion as a sixth!

    Makes 2 Jags Prescott seem almost parsimonious?

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    I followed government red tape on electric certificates. I had all new consumer units in metal box. Then I had to put rent up to help pay the cost. Tenants were perfectly happy with old consumer unit in hard plastic box. I still have one in my own house. Government legislation forces tent rises not LL's. Now inflation is high and mortgages set to go up. That will mean a further rent increase.


    Wendy I think your electrician had you over, I had 16 properties tested, non needed new consumer units even though a couple were 25 yrs, you only have to fit metal consumer units on new builds, rewires and if the old consumer unit needed to be replaced, a lot of electricians were trying this one on a nice little earner for them


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