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‘Call Before You Serve’ initiative tries to avoid evictions

A local authority has launched a free service seeking to avoid evictions.

New Forest council says its 'Call Before You Serve' programme is a no-charge service providing landlords with advice and support to help prevent eviction notices being issued. 

The CBYS programme offers a financial assessment to help tenants maximise their income, and a personalised housing plan which will be agreed by the tenant in conjunction with the landlord. 


Landlords will also be able to contact the service for help and advice on leasing their properties through the council.  

Councillor Jill Cleary, deputy leader, says: "We have introduced this new service to support landlords and tenants with the aim of preventing evictions and homelessness, and hope to follow the success of other councils in the country with similar initiatives. 

“Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, we have received feedback from landlords in the district that the eviction process has increased in length and cost. 


"We urge people to seek help as soon as possible, particularly in the wake of the pandemic, so we can help keep people in their homes, support landlords in securing reliable tenancies, and mediate between parties to resolve any tenancy issues. 

"By working with landlords and tenants earlier in the process, we hope to prevent tenancies breaking down, and the distress and costs resulting from this. Our Call Before You Serve programme will help landlords and tenants by providing advice when rent is not paid and by offering referrals to specialist services when the need for long-term support is identified."  

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    Don't see Council advice ever helping landlords.

  • icon

    Waste of time, serve that notice, if the tenants come to their senses and pay up it came always be torn up, as for taking tenants from councils we've been their before DON'T .

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    How about Councils ( and U.C ! ) issuing notices to Tenants -
    Pay your RENT, - before you get an eviction Notice !

    Theodor Cable

    Or pay your rent before we give you any benefit money.
    That would solve the problem and immediately.

    The downside of course is the sales of 65" TVs, Xboxes, Smart Phones crisps, fast food deliveries, gin and beer would all collapse instantly.

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    Sandwell MBC having to juiced the same initiative I have used it on 6 tenants two left one was rehoused by the council and the other three started to behave pay the rent and their arrears

    For me it works don't knock it

    Jim haliburton
    The HMO Daddy


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