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Last-minute U-turn on licensing forced on council

Conservative opposition councillors have derailed a local authority’s plan to introduce a landlord licensing scheme this week.

Southend council is run by a coalition of Labour, Liberal Democrat and Independent councillors, and was set to start a new scheme on December 1.

Under it, five-year license would cost landlords £688.


However, a procedure instigated by Tory group leader Tony Cox has led to the start being delayed until further details are available to councillors.

Cox has told the local media: “When you go to the current report, there is not one single recommendation on how to implement the scheme. We haven't got any detailed recommendations on how we are going to introduce the scheme.

“What we haven’t got is how scheme is going to be administered but if we are going to have a scheme it’s got to be compliant and robust and all the options have got to be looked at.”

It is now likely that the scheme will begin in late winter or early spring.

Council leader Ian Gilbert adds: "For the first time the council will be able and have the resource to put in a proactive inspection regime so that we don't actually have to wait for complaints - we don't have to wait for things to get so bad that the tenant is driven to desperation."

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    The Council leader is complaining he can't currently get Landlords to fund a department specifically set up to hassle them!

    Why not wait for complaints and then deal with them promptly and fairly?

    There was a recent article on here about getting landlords to make claims on behalf of tenants too feckless to make their own claims for tax payer handouts.

    I shudder for the future if everything nature can throw at us to protect and improve our gene pool through natural selection - disease, starvation, predation etc. - continues to be thwarted. The planet doesn't have room for 8 billion people so we need to weed our population out as ruthlessly as animals do in the wild and as sensibly as farmers do in thinning out their crops and culling their deficient livestock to improve its future generations.


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