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Many tenants ‘more interested in tidiness than electric safety’ - claim

A poll suggests that many private tenants admit to being more interested in the tidiness of their properties than safety within it.

When asked what they prioritised when it comes to keeping their homes safe from hazards, only 15 per cent cited checking their electrics as top of their list of safety measures at their property - more considered the tidiness of their home as more important.

The poll also showed up that those living in rented accommodation did not fully understand their rights and the responsibilities of landlords to maintain safe standards when it came to their electrics.


Some 44 per cent of respondents did not know that landlords have a duty of care to check electrics in their properties every five years.

The poll, commissioned by electrical safety test provider Hexo Services - gauged the attitudes of 23,000 people question about keeping their home electrics healthy and safe.

When it came to homeowners who were also private landlords some 53 per cent were very concerned about checking electricity within the properties. And 90 per cent of the landlords questioned said they have the electrics checked within their properties; 37 per cent of landlords had the electrics checked in line with the new requirements for five year checks.

Just over one in five cited the electrics as the most important thing to check in a rental home. Gas came out top with 28% of landlords citing that it’s the most important check. One in five still placed the tidiness of the property as the most important.

Regulations that came into force in June 2020 require private landlords to carry out electrical safety checks before renting out their homes or what is called an EICR test. 

This needs to be carried out by a certified qualified professional at least every five years. If landlords cannot provide up to date EICR certification they can now be fined up to £30,000.



Hexo Services now wants the government to raise awareness of electrical safety importance and to highlight landlords trying to avoid what is now a legal responsibility.

“This poll shines a worrying spotlight on the public’s knowledge of electrical hazards in the home. We want to make sure that tenants are aware of a landlord’s responsibility to having regular checks on a property’s electrics to prevent potential injury from shocks and fire hazards” a Hexo spokesperson says.

“A check every five years to ensure that your electrical systems are healthy and in full working order will ensure that any issues are picked up before they cause a problem in the home and risk the safety of tenants.

“A five-year check is a legal requirement so if a tenant’s home is due one, they need get in touch with their landlord as soon as possible.”

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    Airline passengers don't know exactly what safety checks the airline has to do. We just trust them to keep us safe.

    Perhaps most tenants just trust their landlords likewise?

    This is another non story.


    Have I missed something here? How can Hexo Services have any financial interest in the outcome of this survey?


    Read the article. It tells you what their business is and thus why they want to push more checks etc. at added cost to landlords and tenants alike.

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    We now have to have regular checks carried out by qualified electricians, do social housing providers ? not after seeing the reports on ITN news recently

  • George Dawes

    And in other news , water is wet


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