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Pipe Down! Landlord warned over tenant’s bagpipes habit

A landlord has been given a severe warning over a Glasgow apartment that has been home to a noisy bagpiper and has hosted several anti-social parties.

The property had been let by a landlord operating under the name Sabhab Holdings; the landlord applied this month for a three year HMO licence but the city council’s committee heard of neighbours’ complaints about the bagpipe playing during daylight hours.

The committee also heard of issues regarding parties and repairs not being addressed by the landlord.




The Glasgow council meeting heard that the bagpiper had now moved to alternative accommodation; councillors granted Sabhab Holdings a licence for a restricted one year subject to conditions and issued a severe warning over its management of the premises.

You can see a local newspaper report of the issue here.

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    I got a stroppy letter from Glasgow City Council after a noisy party. I told the Council I would use their letter as proof of breach of the tenancy agreement and evict the tenants. They told me that I was being unreasonable but didn't suggest any alternative action or sanction.

    The Council had the power to fine them £100 but seemed to think that was also too harsh although hassling me was quite justified.


    Typical council response. I can't wait to sell all my properties and escape the madness!

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    I would say that there is much much anti social behavior and noise complaints about social housing tenants than from private landlord tenants, so what action are councils going to take against themselves, or is it a case of '' do as I say, not as I do''.


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