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Banning Order for landlord who ‘risked lives’ through safety failings

A council has obtained a banning order on a landlord in a ruling that is the first of its kind in the area.

This follows the prosecution by Welwyn Hatfield council of Faraz Bucha, a Hatfield-based landlord, and his management company Captain Solutions for safety failings in April this year.

He was ordered to pay over £90,000 - a record fine - when the council applied for and was successful in obtaining a banning order against him. 


This means that Bucha and his company are banned from managing, letting or having anything to do with rental properties in England for the next two years.

A spokeswoman for the council says: “This is a positive outcome, and it sends a clear message. We have a good relationship with many landlords in the borough, and as such enforcement is usually a last resort - we would much rather take an educational approach. 

“However, Mr Bucha and his company can no longer continue this negligence and risk lives.

“I would strongly urge to any prospective tenants or landlords to get registered with our accredited scheme ... which offers advice and protection for both parties."

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    Company name will change with a relative as director and off he'll go again, so much for a banning order

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    This Article strongly advised to get Accredited. How many times are we expected to be Accredited. I am not Accredited at the moment because it keeps expiring. I have been Accredited 3 times in the past with 2 different Organisations but I am expected to keep re-doing it and adding brownie points for ever, so decades of experience count for nothing it has to be what digital academics dreamt up, in any case it should last at least 5 years or even 10 or do they think you have forgotten everything and starting on the new each time.


    I've never bothered with this '' accredited'' BS , I get along just fine with my good tenants and I attend to problems promptly, generally personally, rogue tenants, well that's another story, they get what they deserve .

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    What a poor article ! - ' Safety failings ' ? what is that An un-PAT tested plug, or a dangerous structure ?


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