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Can I afford rent? Can I afford fuel? Tenants say that’s the dilemma

Some two thirds of tenants say they may struggle to pay their energy bills this winter - and almost as many say they may have difficulties paying their rent too.

Research commissioned by Smart Energy GB reveals that almost half of renters surveyed are worried about how they will pay their bills, with 57 per cent saying these concerns are having a negative impact on their mental health.  

Some 65 per cent say rising fuel costs will make it difficult for them to pay their energy bills, with 62 per cent indicating they may struggle to pay their rent this winter.


Smart Energy GB claims the survey also reveals that renters think landlords could be doing more to help, with 46 per cent saying their energy bills could be better managed if their landlord made their home more energy efficient.  

Some 28 per cent of renters don’t feel their landlord supports them enough when it comes to managing their energy use, with 85 per cent of renters who do not feel that their property is as energy efficient as it can be concerned that a current lack of energy efficient measures will make their energy costs even higher.  

In terms of things that renters feel their landlords could do to make their homes more energy efficient, they would like their homes to be better insulated (73 per cent), with other popular initiatives including having drafts filled in (54 per cent), boilers upgraded (45 per cent) and double glazing installed (44 per cent).

Additionally, 67 per cent of tenants say having a smart meter would help them manage their energy costs. Although entitled to request a smart meter as bill payers, apparently 16 per cent of tenants are - according to the survey - worried that their landlord would not like it, while 14 per cent are concerned it may lose them their deposit.



Kate Faulkner, founder of Propertychecklists - endorsing the survey - says: “A great first starting point for landlords in terms of helping their tenants to take energy saving steps is to arrange for a smart meter installation, if they are the bill payer. Or if their tenant is the bill payer, to empower them to request a smart meter installation. 

“Smart meters can also help ensure any problems with utility bill payments at the end of a lease are avoided and better still, the less money tenants spend on their utility bills means the more likely they are to be able to afford their rent payments.” 

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  • George Dawes

    Can I afford sky tv ?

    Can I afford fags and pizzas and burgers ?

    Theodor Cable

    And designer clothes and a BMW, and bingo, and Wetherspoons and NOT PAYING THE RENT!!!!!!!!


    Don't forget the drugs!

  • icon

    It's not just tenant's who are worried about paying fuel bills this winter - many home owners are too! And with mortgage rates likely to rise soon home owners also will be facing a rise in the cost of their home!

    Welcome to the real world.

  •  G romit

    This is just regurgitated Govetnment propaganda to gain sympathy for tenants when they increase MEES to "C".
    Those nasty greedy filthy rich Landlords not not spending £20,000 to improve the houses for their tenants


    Yes - it will save tenants £20 a month - why won't the LL put solar panels on the north facing roof? :)

  • icon

    Just lift the lid on their wheelie bins that'll tell you what they spend their money on


    Then you'll know where they've wheelie bin

  • icon

    Moving in with friends or relatives would let them save on BOTH rent and energy payments.

    I'm sure most landlords would let struggling tenants out of their remaining term of the tenancy agreement if asked, using the deposit to cover any voids and cleaning etc.

    Funny that's never a potential solution suggested by Shelter, Generation Rant etc but then it's never up to the tenant to be proactive and come up with solutions!

  • icon
    • 07 December 2021 09:55 AM

    Can i pay the mortgage, the electricity bill, the food shopping? Me too I am worried.

    Only in the UK that these cockcroaches have that entitled attitude. In other countries such as Hong Kong, the poor don't seem to have that kind of envious/jealous mentality.

  • icon
    • 07 December 2021 09:57 AM

    I saw a post on Facebook about someone moaning about how hard her life is as she can't afford going to restaurants and she said I can only afford deliveroo and justeat take aways.

    Theodor Cable

    Poor baby. How do she cope?

  • icon

    Well if the Tenants can’t afford to rent my good quality properties which are all £300.00 to £400.00 per month below the market and some houses at least £1’000 pm below the going rate, yet it doesn’t stop me getting clobbered with a mountain of regulatory costs (do you want the list) & requirements + repeated licensing fees.

  • icon

    Smart meters are a horrendous joke. They are costing a fortune and if people were taught electricity is very expensive and avoid using it for heating it would achieve the same thing.Oh I forgot, smart meters can be used to switch off the power remotely when the wind dosent blow!

  • icon

    I have smart meters in my house that haven’t been used in 4 years since I switched from British Gas to EDF either BG wouldn’t let them use their smart meters or not compatible with their systems, so I am back to sending reading meters, wonderful

  • icon

    Just say No to smart meters. Takes the power away from us when we need to prove our bills.
    If tenant says they are concerned about the gas bill tell him to put a jumper on better still clean the house that will warm you up


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