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Council on charm offensive to warn landlords over EPCs

A council says it’s going to contact local landlords to remind them of legal restrictions concerning energy efficiency.

Caerphilly council says it’s telling landlords that since April 2020 it is unlawful to let or continue to let a domestic property with an Energy Performance Certificate rating below E.

Landlords letting a property with a current EPC rating of F or G must act immediately to comply with Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards regulations.  


Those landlords found to be letting properties with an EPC rating of F or G and in breach of the MEES regulation can be fined up to £5,000.

Over the coming weeks the council says it  will be “engaging and supporting landlords” to ensure they make these important energy efficiency changes to their properties to achieve the required minimum standards.

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  • George Dawes

    More fines , the lefty councils love that

    If they were fined for incompetence they’d go bankrupt in a day

  • icon

    Ok improve energy efficiency. Now where do we get speficic detail of required improvements.


    Landlords decide what improvement are required, councils decide if landlords are correct and fine if they, the council, decide the landlords are wrong. Meanwhile the Government keep moving the EPC goal posts.
    Now no one should be confused anymore.

  • icon

    Everyone warning and threatening us. I think they don’t know very much about housing all just jumped up digital kids with computers.
    The real men that build beautiful real family affordable homes with gardens and garages in the 1930’s /40’s that stood the test of time, all done mostly by hand including the footings and concrete mixed up on site. All done by traditional means and materials, not a bit of hairy wool, polyurethane foam or plaster boards heard of, you could knock them about extend or remodel brilliant now all so quick to condemn them. They were build as a guide of costs for a Terraced £650. and Semi £750. each, the doors came in by boat cost 6s-0d. I knew trades men that worked on them. Recently to replace a garage door & frame cost £1’800. Those Regulators today think they are so smart going around in their suits and shiny shoes making a mock of everyone and not a days work in them.


    Excellent comment Michael and very very true, suits and shiny shoes, they don't have a clue do they, can't stand them, it might amuse you but the house I now live in, in 89/90 while on a bridging loan waiting to sell my last home my self and then 5 yr old son spent week ends mixing concrete in a DIY mixer concreting footings and oversite, no money available for a lorry load then, I kid you not.


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