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High-end Build To Rent scheme for students unveiled by operator

A new large-scale Build To Rent landlord, which describes itself as providing “high-quality luxury student accommodation,” has revealed a second scheme in a major university city. 

Study Inn Group says its new £35m scheme - called Triumph House - is conveniently located adjacent to the University of Nottingham’s Jubilee campus and will offer “a mixture of luxurious studios and en-suite serviced apartment rooms.” 

Construction of the five-storey new build is in progress with opening scheduled for the next academic year in late summer 2022.


Facilities will include 24x7 onsite management, room cleaning and linen services, superfast Wi-Fi and communal facilities such as study space, wellness spa, sauna, steam room, hot beds, gym, yoga studio, games room, lounge, big screen cinema room, bicycle parking and private landscaped gardens.

Jack Jefferson, acquisitions director at Study Inn Group, says: “Having opened 288 rooms … adjacent to Nottingham Trent University in 2020, this new development offers the opportunity to open a similar number of rooms adjacent to the University of Nottingham and so we are very pleased with the acquisition and the potential to continue to work with both universities in these excellent locations.

“This will be the seventh property in our second portfolio of luxury Study Inns. We had the ability and resources to close the acquisition quickly and have appetite for further acquisitions in good locations in UK cities.”

Following the opening of a scheme in Exeter earlier this year, Study Inn is now in construction phase in Leicester, Leeds and Nottingham, which will see the portfolio grow to some 1,800 rooms. 


Study Inn claims all its operating properties are trading at 100 per cent occupancy with strong rental growth and waiting lists.

Study Inn Group is a luxury hotel-style student accommodation owner, developer, and operator. Its founding owner directors have a hospitality background gained from the development and operation of hotels. 

The company was founded in 2009, to provide - in its words - “customer focused high-quality bespoke accommodation in city centres with hotel-like services: concierge, 24x7 management, room cleaning, and linen services at no additional cost.”

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    This will allow Nottingham student landlords to increase the rents on normal student flats which most students want from 2nd year onwards.

    Incidentally I think these purpose built high rise buildings can still legally have Grenfell type cladding fitted as they are not classed as domestic properties.

    I've also have heard investing in these properties is the new timeshare, saddled with high ongoing maintenance and management charges.

    Paradoxically the only groups to benefit from these investments are the landlords they're set up to compete with and of course their developers.

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    Robert, as a fellow student landlord, I think you and I are in total agreement regarding these developments driving "healthy" rents for those of us providing quality housing close to the Uni.
    However, as a taxpayer and a concerned UK citizen (concerned for the next few generations that is), there is an elephant in the room that really doesn't get enough airing. I quote from the Commons Library

    "Currently almost £20 billion is loaned to around 1.5 million students in England each year. The value of outstanding loans at the end of March 2021 reached £141 billion. The Government forecasts the value of outstanding loans to be around £560 billion (2019‑20 prices) by the middle of this century. The average debt among the cohort of borrowers who finished their courses in 2020 was £45,000."

    Huge, scary numbers, most of which will never be repaid, but in the meantime will burden millions of students, many of whom will have completed totally useless degrees.
    Needs much more debating


    Totally agree GD , late 60s as I was leaving school I believe it was just 7% of school leavers went onto uni the rest of us got stuck into work and if we were apprentices spent 1 day per week at college, it worked, today we have all these degree courses, most of which are of no use to man nor beast and now find ourselves very short of people with a trade, motor mechanics, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, brick layers and of course HGV drivers, but we are awash with idiots with useless degrees who will never pay back their loans



    I hadn't thought about the scale of student debt eventually being written off and totally agree with all you say.

    My own 3 kids did "proper" degrees, now earn six figures and repaid their student loans relatively promptly.

    I also agree with Andrew and feel we have the wrong emphasis. EVERY student loan should be fully repayable which might act as a disincentive to those who do Mickey Mouse degrees and end up flipping burgers etc.

    From recent quotes from plasterers and joiners, it seems £100k gross earnings is not unachievable for good self employed tradesmen willing to do a full week's work.

    Couple that with the six figure salaries paid to numpties in Councils and Civil Service and one wonders why anyone would choose to do a Mickey Mouse degree.

    Make the whole cost of this decision the responsibility of the student and perhaps we might see our University population shrink back to what we need, saving the tax payer a fortune?

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    Stuffing the next generation with lots of debt. Why arent more doctors trained instead of getting doctors from foreign countries

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    Seems like my comment here was removed probably unbelievable but every word true good luck.


    I read your comment before it was removed and could see nothing wrong with it.


    Me too. Very strange why that was removed


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