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New info website set up purely for private tenants

A new website has been set up by a council purely for private rental sector tenants in one part of London.

The new site makes it easier for people who privately rent in Camden to find out information and advice. 

It includes advice from what to look for in a property, talking to your landlord about repairs to dealing with threats of eviction. 


Over two thirds of Camden residents privately rent and the council claims that “many”experience problems with their landlords. 

A recent survey of private tenants highlighted that 55 per cent of respondents said that the issues they raised were not fixed. This included problems with gas and electric, mould and heating.

A council statement says: “We want private tenants to have safe and decent homes and to know where to go for advice if they are experiencing poor housing conditions.”

The new dedicated website, Camden Private Renters, provides information and guidance, to help private tenants before they move into a new home, during their tenancy and at the end of their tenancy.

You can see it here.

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  • Bill Wood

    Mould. There it is again.
    Unless there is a leak somewhere, mould is caused by tenants. We all know the causes, lack of ventilation, drying clothes on radiators etc.
    I'm thinking of putting a clause in my next agreement saying that the tenants must take precautions against mould forming. And I have a page of instructions and suggestions to assist them.


    Bill. I do have a clause in mine relating to mould, ventilation, heating etc. They also have a printout of the local council advice on all the above which actually agrees with all I tell them. They still ignore it all !!

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Private landlords ought to adopt the appropriate response when Councils come looking for accommodation for their social misfits.


    Tell them to foxtrot oscar

  • icon

    I have a tenant in a small flat over an old corner shop who dries her cloth by a radiator with no issues, she has her own dehumidifier which she turns on when drying clothes , I've even bought other tenants dehumidifiers, but some will not use them, they seem to think they will cost a lot to run, sometimes we are just banging our heads against brick walls, and the mould is still my fault

  • icon

    I bought them a condensing drier just put it anywhere but same problem as you they wouldn’t pay for the electric, anyhow corona is best cure for mould & mildew. I see windows open for first time in years.


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