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Shelter backs call for rent controls and anti-eviction powers

Shelter has given what appears to be unconditional support to the SNP-Green proposals for reform of the private rental sector in Scotland, including national rent controls and new powers to clampdown on evictions. 

The Scottish Government describes its proposals as delivering “a new deal for tenants, with stronger rights, greater protections against eviction and access to greener, higher-quality, more affordable housing, have been launched.”

Reform proposals contained in the 108-page consultation document include:


- increasing penalties for illegal evictions and stronger enforcement;

- restricting evictions during winter;

- giving tenants greater flexibility to personalise their homes and keep pets;

- developing a national system of rent controls for the private rented sector;

- introducing a new Housing Standard to apply to all homes;

- establishing a private rented sector regulator to uphold these standards and ensure the system is fair for both landlords and tenants;

- setting minimum standards for energy efficiency, making homes cheaper to heat while contributing to Scotland’s climate change targets.

The measures form part of the ‘Housing to 2040’ strategy, published by the Scottish Government in March this year, and take forward several commitments made in the co-operation agreement between the SNP and the Scottish Green Party. 


Alison Watson, director of Shelter Scotland, says: “A warm, safe, and permanent home is a right not a privilege for everyone in Scotland. To make this a reality we need to ensure there is enough social housing for everyone who needs it, while strengthening the rights of tenants and empowering people to defend them. 

“Shelter Scotland has long called for tenants’ rights and protections, in both the social and private sectors, to be strengthened to make sure no one can be denied their right to a home. Too many renters aren’t aware of their rights or don’t feel confident in enforcing them and that needs to change.

“This is an ambitious strategy, and it offers the chance to mend many aspects of a housing system that is currently failing thousands. We are excited to work with the Scottish Government to develop these ideas and build a better future for housing in Scotland.”

The results of the consultation will feed into the final version of the strategy to be published next year, with elements of the proposals put to the Scottish Parliament in a Housing Bill in 2023.

You can see the full consultation document here.

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    Shelter got a Government Grant to go over the Border to Scotland to interfere there.
    It’s very big of them to support the above its not there property. Why don’t they supply housing then we can attack them for doing that and tell them what rubbish they are at it, and for being so stupid to house people.

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    One day the public will get to know what a con shelter is. So many kind souls believe these con artists house and help the homeless . The fat cat salaries and the corporate structure really does need to have a spotlight shone on it. Shelter the charity (business) that houses no one.

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    100% with you Michael. Shelter shout loudly about the state of housing and those who provide it.
    They need to invest in the sector to actually experience the actions etc of the few rotten egg/rogue Tenants.
    Sadly, although Shelter will undoubtedly have those same Tenants approaching them with their tales of woe and Shelter will believe their input as being a true reflection and act on their behalf!
    By the way, it is fully accepted that there is a minority of Landlords who could be deemed as rogue Landlords but the majority do attempt to provide decent properties at reasonable rents.
    In regard to the proposed "reforms" stated;
    Restricting evictions during winter, as stated by many before, good tenants have little to fear but tenants who do not uphold the criteria basically set out in their tenancy need to be aware that they can be evicted regardless of the time of year - that is what is called encouraging them to take responsibility for their actions which is something that is totally ignored.
    As for "personalising their homes and keeping pets" I allow pets in my properties, however, I have had some tenants who, after asking me whether they can have a pet then go on to have 2 or 3 large dogs in a 2 bed house with small garden with the associated "mess" created, to say nothing of the barking when the tenants are out etc etc. Therefore proportionality needs to come into play, and, in regard to "personalising" the property, following one or two early experiences of tenants who have painted rooms black or deep red, I now stipulate that if they wish to paint the walls only pastel shades should be used, so it all depends on the wording of the proposals as to what farcical colours or alterations Landlords could be faced with in THEIR properties.
    I have previously and state once again that I would welcome a face to face meeting with those in Shelter who tarnish all Landlords with the same brush, in order to provide them with factual experiences I have gained over some 27 years of being a Landlord. I am sure that other Landlords would similarly be only too willing to join in such a meeting.

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    I see Shelter is now taking money from cancer charities, having conned M&S to give it the same 24% share of donations as 3 decent charities on their Christmas card sales.

    I was furious when my wife bought these cards.


    M&S are a corporate partner of Shelter and have given them £13million over the last decade or so.

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    Many landlords are selling up due to EPC increases, bring in rent controls and many more will sell up, but that's okay because BTR will come to the rescue with their high rise shoe boxes, what a depressing thought for families that rent in the future


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