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Extend the eviction ban! Senior Labour politician leads call

One of the country’s best known Labour politicians wants the eviction ban extended yet again.

Currently there is a moratorium on bailiff-enforced evictions until February 22 because of Coronavirus.

However Andy Burnham - the former Health Secretary who is now Mayor of Greater Manchester - want this extended.


“The Covid-19 outbreak has proved extremely difficult for many in our city-region and we understand people may be in a worrying financial situation which they may never have experienced before” he says.

He continues: “We already have more than 4,000 households in temporary accommodation and are also supporting 1,000 people through our A Bed Every Night scheme. 

“The homelessness system in our city-region cannot take much more, a sudden surge in evictions will create a huge amount of pressure and I urge government to reimpose the eviction ban to protect people who are in these circumstances through no fault of their own.”

Another Labour leader in the region - Paul Dennett, the lead councillor on housing for the various councils across Greater Manchester - adds: “It is crucial government steps up to provide direct financial support to protect tenants and offer assistance to help those in rent arrears. I also call on landlords to be compassionate during these unprecedented times and to consider the difficult circumstances tenants may find themselves in.

“During this unsettled period, the most important thing is for tenants and landlords to communicate with each other openly, honestly and constructively to avoid any preventable evictions. 

“In some circumstances, landlords could consider reducing rent permanently, if a tenant’s income is reduced long term. And by offering a rent reduction that is less than the cost of re-letting, property owners can save money and sustain a tenancy - an often preferable outcome for all concerned.

“We are urging all parties to explore all routes and to be aware of the help out there, before anybody is unnecessarily put at risk of losing their tenancy. We will also continue to press government to provide additional support to help tenants and landlords through this unprecedented emergency.”

Labour says there are an estimated 16,800 households in Greater Manchester in arrears due to the pandemic. 

A statement from Burnham’s office adds: “Landlords are also reminded that illegal eviction is a criminal offence, and they must follow the correct legal process - this is in place to protect both parties.”

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  • George Dawes

    Loony lefty leader leaves landlords lasting limbo

    Mark Wilson

    I suspect they will have their way.

    Sarah Taylor

    Excellent use of illiteration 😂

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    • 09 February 2021 09:06 AM

    Why can we not just ignore them?
    We have rights as well.


    Do we David? Seems like less and less by the day.

    • 10 February 2021 11:14 AM

    I have the right to put up my prices to cover whatever the authority's pile on us.
    And by natural development all LL will be forced to do the same.

    Not only that, but I will also be adding 15% of any increase in my costs to the tenants.

    So all these nutters do is damage those they should be protecting.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Is this the reality of labour, 'someone else should pay for you'
    The country wouldn't get far with that philosophy and its thankful a majority of voters know it.

    The only worrying aspect is the Tory, so called party of business ( subject of another article on today blog ) will bend with the wind of voters, and 'level-up' at Creditors expense !

    We've recently seen examples of that in the Debt 'Breathing Space' Regulations.


    I think some nuance is required by the government here.
    My view is that loopholes allowing non genuine Tenants to simply play the system and take advantage of free rent for 18 months +, should be closed.
    A Tenant's non-engagement in the same mediation process a Landlord must now adhere to, as well as failure to provide full disclosure/transparency of their circumstances, should enable a possession order and eviction to be granted. Those genuine cases where a Tenant is trying their best in difficult circumstances, engaging in mediation with such full disclosure and transparency should not be.
    Seems pretty straight forward to me.


    It also appears to be the only debt that has little in the way of consequences...steal from a shop and you risk a criminal record, don’t pay, say, a car payment and your credit score will take a hit...why should rent be any different and outside of credit scoring??

  • icon

    Why should landlords reduce rent! If tenants can’t pay full rent then they should look for cheaper accommodation according to their income and live within their means.

    PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Or, the state fulfill its responsibilities.
    Private Housing is just that, and cannot be co-opted into Free Social Housing at Individual Landlords expense.

    There was a 'push' ( before Xmas ) for Landlords to come together to launch a legal challenge against the Govt for the suspension of Possession but there was Virtually No interest.


    I DEMAND that Rolls Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin etc. ALL reduce their prices by 80% IMMEDIATELY. It's unfair that buying one would make such a dent in my bank balance that I would be forced to have fewer holidays!

    Why should I have to live within my means? It seems to be OK for others not to do so.

    I think I will start voting Labour and pick from the magic money tree.


    I’m no Labour supporter, but it simply cannot be argued that the Blair years were some of the best for LLs (much as it pains me to say). I don’t care if that’s because they borrowed from the future...let’s have that again and I’ll take what I can and get out.


    Luke, Mr Blair is a big landlord him self


    Then he or someone like him would fight our corner.

  • Matthew Payne

    HMG cant afford to have people being evicted in this second wave, in winter, with variants here there and everywhere, furlough ending, with elections around the corner. Would be a political and PR disaster, irrespective of whether humanitarian or otherwise. The eviction ban will be extended whether called for or not as it has only got a few days left to run. Dont be surprised to see s21 follow suit for all those landords who have their 2 month 6a, printed and filled in ready to go next month.

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    It feels like its a Criminal offence now for just being a LL. I can't see how it can be a Rental Property if you are not getting the Rent, then its a free Property so how can Criminal Law apply to a free service.

  • icon

    Evicting rent dodgers doesn't increase homelessness as decent tenants can then move in.

    Making landlords less keen to rent and keep properties empty WILL increase homelessness. Perhaps that's what the lefties really want to increase their votes?

  • icon

    “In some circumstances, landlords could consider reducing rent permanently"

    Would the council also consider reducing council tax for landlords? I didn't think so.

  • icon

    Perhaps Andy Burnham would like to put them up for free in his house to help relieve pressure on the system?
    Don't bother with a reply, we all know the answer!

  • icon

    Gordon, good idea, but hang on a minute Ealing is putting up Council Tax by 4.9%.


    Perhaps we should all have rent increase clauses tied to council tax increases…they’re effectively in control of if/when and by how much rents go up by!

  • icon

    and ealing has just signed a contract to procure houses to be built--another croydon in the offing?

  • icon

    So now we are reminded about its a Criminal Offence to evict, then why did they make it a Criminal Offence when it was always a Civil Matter, no wonder people have no respect for the Law, Seven stabbings in 24 hrs in London, even people that were perfectly Law abiding couldn't care less anymore that's what unjust Laws do, its like a cancer, creating a Lawless Society.


    I illegally evicted 2 tenants in the 90s, one I got away with, the other was bought off for a £1000 and worth every penny , hope I never have to take the law into my own hands again, but who knows, if needs must.


    So you admit to having no respect for the law, yet I daresay you expect your tenants to pay up with no "needs must" excuses. You're a disgrace, criminals like you have no place in our trade.

    • 09 February 2021 15:17 PM

    So, you will allow these tenant criminals to steal your assets with no recompense for their defaults and the authorities do nothing about it?

    That will lead to anarchy, or in a smaller way by forceful eviction which is then fair.

    It is MY property, not theirs.

    And it will never stop.

    With me, if it is the only way to restore my assets, then I will do it.

    And of course, these people do not know how many lives they destroy through non-payments.

    Now THAT I will NOT EVER allow for the sake of the responsibilities that I have to my family.


    @Leics Landlord do F off you silly little man, you cannot even comment your real name.


    I'm sure an offer from a few well built guys to help rent dodgers remove their belongings and assistance in giving written confirmation that they have voluntarily vacated our properties will be an offer many find hard to resist. The alternative is ever mounting debts, trashed credit ratings and inability to rent good properties from any prudent landlords.

    Surely any politicians with tenants' interests at heart would recommend the former as the outcome in the tenants' best interests?

    I'm sure that was why Andrew simply accelerated the achievement of an inevitable and fully justified outcome, even donating £1000 to one former tenant and no doubt writing off accumulated rent arrears as well. The man's practically a Saint, but then many of them were wrongly pilloried and persecuted by those with a misguided view of right and wrong.


    Leics Landlord. Another lump of yellow that hides behind a title not a name.

  • icon

    Why are you displaying, Burnhams mug shot at top of this Article, you are just increasing his popularity and I can't bare to look at him.

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    Labour tells us there are 16'800 house holds in Arrears in Manchester / Greater Manchester which is a lot to be in Arrears, so the LL's are housing a huge number of those and currently shouldering a huge burden of Arrears, yet they see fit to want to increase this figure even more by banning the LL from running his business. I have a problem with the 16'800 households also, is a household 1 person or 3,4,5 or more, certainly more than one there is no such thing as one person to every household or property, therefore the figure is much higher and LL are already carrying even far more Arrears. (don't worry about that just load more on).


    We must be quite lucky here in the Norwich area, my last bad tenant was over 4 yrs ago, other landlords that I speak to around here don't seem to be having too many problems either, but I think we are all being very careful selecting new tenants now, and there seems to be no shortage of good honest working tenants availible

    • 10 February 2021 11:09 AM

    And it will be LOTS more. Many, Many, Many LOTS too.........!
    Yet again these idiots and harming tenants.

  • icon

    I still don't know why we are treated so unfairly and hated by the Media and the Local Authorities just for doing the right thing. The Local Authorities shouldn't be in charge of us they are not able to run Public Sector Housing with the tax payers money handed to them, we have to finance and do it all off our own backs while being confronted by all their obstetrical's they sit back and abuse their position, its so unfair they impede, penalize, spurious charges & Criminalize us. Then we have S24, S21, unfair taxes & SD. Yesterday a big Auction rampant with individual LL's rushing to get out and being bought up by 2 groups in the main because of unfair competition and taxes.

  • icon

    The 2 groups were Portfolio LL's who are treated differently and given preferential treatment to drive out individual LL's but probably more rogues among them. The other group individuals / first time buyers supposedly / cousins, brothers , uncle, sister etc, no Stamp Duty to £500k even if the pay £600k for house , SD will only be 5% of extra £100k no level playing field here. Those Semi's & Terrace Houses are popular some with lofts / extensions, a family member live there under the cover of the lodger scheme £7'500, tax free but many are using this pretense to have 3-4 lodgers its costing Government billions in lost revenue, no Licensing apply either.


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