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House of Lords passes token vote urging more protection for tenants

The House of Lords has narrowly voted for a low-key motion expressing regret that the current eviction ban measures do not offer more protection for private tenants.

Labour’s Lord Kennedy of Southwark (a shadow spokesperson for Housing, Communities and Local Government in the Lords) and Baroness Grender (a Liberal Democrat) both tabled ‘regret’ amendments on the subject, where were discussed yesterday. 

These were so-called non-fatal amendments, meaning that agreement would not actually have any effect at all on the government or the legislation.


Lord Kennedy’s amendment expressed regret that the regulations lasted only until February 21. The Kennedy amendment was agreed very narrowly - 270 votes to 267.

Meanwhile Baroness Grender’s amendment regretted that the eviction ban was not automatically linked to the extension of other restrictions in place to address the Covid-19 pandemic, and that it did not take into account economic and financial factors that may have led to renters missing bill payments or reducing spending on food. 

Her amendment also called on the government to bring forward a support package to ensure private tenants were housed and landlords paid during the pandemic.

There was no vote on her amendment and Lord Wolfson of Tredegar, answering for the government, told the Lords: “I have to say that, with respect, the terms of the amendment do not meet the issue which faces the government.”

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  • George Dawes

    Most of the lords are millionaire out of touch old farts living off our taxes and living on another planet

    Who cares what they think about anything ?

  • icon

    What about protection for LLs from non-paying tenants?


    Don't hold your breath on that one

  • icon

    Tenants don't need your permission for anything, they can do as they like they know we are powerless to do anything about it, backed up by Housing Minister, Local Authorities and the Courts.

  • Andrew Murray

    £302 per day to turn up x 802 equals £244k. Use this money to build social housing. Add the charity money given to Shelter and we can start helping the homeless in a positive practical way instead of just talking a good job.

  • icon

    Incidentally I have received a begging letter from Shelter today, would I like to give them £16, £50, or £100. or would I like to surprise them with a bigger amount, imagine that after all the money, damage and aggravation they have caused me and on going every day fort .
    I have a surprise for them alright never again a penny to Charity and LL's should be aware when legal people are making provisions for your Estate they probably will advise you to leave money to Charity to save tax, what I was previously told give 4% to Charity & get 10% off your tax Bill. I would burn it first.


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