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Landlord’s repeat offence ends up with large fine

A landlord has been fined £6,000 for failing to licence a house in multiple occupation.

Wolverhampton council prosecuted Aunberin Saddique after it was discovered she was operating the property in the city without a licence.

Saddique pleaded guilty to the offence under the Housing Act 2004. She had previously been convicted of the same offence in relation to another HMO in 2012.


Dudley magistrates court issued Saddique with a £6,000 fine for the repeat offence and she was ordered to pay prosecution costs of £2,341 and a victim surcharge of £181.



Councillor Jacqueline Sweetman, responsible for housing, says:: “The council takes a strong stance on HMO licensing and I hope this case will serve as a stark reminder to private sector landlords that they must comply with the HMO rules.

“Where properties are found to be operating without the required licence, the council will take steps to secure a licence application and ensure the HMO is safe to live in.“

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    We all know that a HMO needs a licence and it's really not difficult to check, personally I've never got involved with HMOs not the kind of tenants I want.

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    Got fined before and went on to do it again. Some people just do not learn. It just isn’t sinking in there’s an intelligence issue here. Keep fining em and make the councils richer


    Happy to see this guy fined. It's people like him that have caused all the extra hassle and expense endured by decent landlords and provided ammunition for Shelter and other anti landlord rabble.

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    I think disappointing that this Lady got fined twice for something she didn't want and most likely not in place when she bought the property. Its one thing not to want to have anything to do with the Schemes but reality is when the Council picks on an area sometimes 3 Schemes used, one of them is bound to get you, even if you have only one household you'll need a License. How can the Prosecution cost be £2'341.00 its ridiculous they never have to earn their money, maybe £500. more like it, they are above the law with their charges, if you ever heard of unearned income this is it. Wolverhampton Councilor is not to worried about the Tenant she is more worried and take a strong stance against the missing the easy money like all licensing Authorities as they charge double what the fee should be and never cost them a penny anyway, money for old rope easy money. I see Edgware have just renewed another Licensing Scheme, the Virus is not stopping that unlike Court proceedings or LL arrears, didn't ask if LL could afford it.


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