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Landlords urged to come to their Census on March 21

It’s Census day on March 21 and for the first time it’s an all-digital affair.

The National Residential Landlords Association is urging landlords to take part - people will be able to respond online or even via a telephone call, in a bid to reduce face-to-face contact because of the pandemic.

Nick Clay, researcher at the NRLA, says: “The census is a key tool in delivering public services – across health, education, transport and infrastructure.


“Everyday national and local civil servants, planners, and policy makers use census data to help make decisions which strengthen and transform local neighbourhoods and communities across the country.

“A census which provides as comprehensive a picture of the UK as possible is vital to ensuring sound, transparent decisions across the UK. We encourage our members to take part.”

After Census day there will be some physical presence to collate information, as for some weeks field officers will be visiting households which have not submitted data online. 



“They will encourage people to complete the census and help you to access further help if you need it. Our field officers will never need to enter your house” says a segment from the Census organisers. 

Landlords can find more details here.

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    What a flop we are not Digital Academics you can bring a horse to the water but you can't make him drink, more Digital academics destroying the World and we worked / paid taxes for them to do this nonsense. So we can add this to un-contactable Banking, Insurances Policy's, Orbit Energy and others that take 3 months to tell them a Tenant has changed, the very internet you are using for this Census makes no sense, they are all at it 6 different prerecorded telephones no human available but I don't think there is any shortage of them, press this butting that button passing you around from one automated phone to another and eventually cul-de-sac cut you off, at best wait 20 minutes minimum but often over an hour to something we used to do in 2 minutes.

  • George Dawes

    Red tape bs

  • icon

    Why should I tell them who's in my property - isn't the census for the head of household? Also, what about people (like my parents) who don't have access to computers/smartphones.

    Does that mean I have to breach lockdown to go there and do it for my tenants/parents?

    Who thought of this ridiculous strategy!

  • icon

    As head of my own house hold I shall comply , however it is not my responsibility to forward the details of my tenants.


    Andrew - head of household?

    I thought you were married?

    (Post typed by RB under supervision from Mrs RB).

  • Daniela Provvedi

    Andrew says he's the head of his household, with his wife's permission. LOL...


    Your not wrong their Daniela


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