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Landlords wanted for scheme with improvement grants and loans

A council has launched a pilot scheme involving private landlords willing to lease their properties to the authority for five years.

Cardiff council’s scheme is funded by Welsh Government and will be managed by the council itself, and claims to offer “a significant range of support services and benefits to private landlords.”

These include financial assistance to improve a property, a guaranteed rental income even if the property is empty, responsibility for repairs and maintenance throughout the lease period, and tenancy management activity undertaken by the council. 


Financial assistance is available for landlords interested in the scheme, but whose properties are in need of renovation to meet Welsh Government standards for leasing.  

A non-repayable grant of up to £2,000, plus an interest free loan of up to £8,000 repayable over four years, are on offer for necessary improvements.



Cardiff council spokeswoman Councillor Lynda Thorne, says: "The lack of enough good quality, affordable housing in the city is well-known and while we are building new council homes at pace across the city to help tackle this high demand, the private rented sector remains an important source of Cardiff's affordable housing market.

"We're encouraging landlords with homes to rent in Cardiff to lease unfurnished properties to us for five years to provide homes for people in need of good quality, affordable accommodation. 

“We're looking for a range of different property types and sizes, particularly larger family homes, in all parts of the city.

"The council will undertake the day-to-day management of the property, there's a guaranteed income of 90 per cent of the Local Housing Allowance rate paid direct to the landlord whether the property is occupied or not, regular inspections and full housing support to the resident to ensure the tenancy is a success for both parties.”

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    LHA would be well below market rent, then take another 10% off that, what happens at the end of the lease, are you left with the tenant from hell to get rid of, never never never deal with a council they are simply not to be trusted.

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    Given that many agents charge 10% or more to manage properties plus get an extra dollop of cash for finding tenants, this should also be considered. If the councils are to offer to do this, I would want a professional independent inventory done with a commitment from the council to restore to that standard at the end of the lease period. Some indemnification from ill thought through government policy might be another useful carrot such as EPC C by 2025.
    I agree with Andrew though in that my experience of dealing with one council is that they have lied to me about a potential tenant who was on a bond scheme of theirs who I agreed to help. He was fleeing as a witness to a crime and being persecuted. What the council did not tell me was that he was a witness to his own crime, he was the perpetrator and a paedophile to boot. He lasted a week. My house had every window smashed and door kicked in. Much more damage than the bond scheme would cover. SO there are duplicitous officers working at councils who have their own agenda and really do not care about us even when we are trying to help.


    I had a sex offender in a property a few yrs ago and had the same problem with damage, he's now serving 15 yrs , I doubt he'll walk out. So it's not always the tenant that does the damage, but they are still the cause of the damage.

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    Tom Dawson
    “SO there are duplicitous officers working at councils who have their own agenda and really do not care about us”
    Absolutely 100% spot on. This is a vindictive game for them. They need to get people off their list and pass the problem to someone else. They know they are creating a problem for you further down the line.
    I have a zero tolerance policy for Paedos re my portfolio, not happening at any rent - ever! So I reject sex offender applicants. Now I’m sure this will offend Shelter into getting some sort of law passed.
    I expect an opposing response from the usual suspects

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    I looked into renting a property to the council in Inverness....not only were they offering WELL below market rent, they also said if the boiler etc were to breakdown they would be looking to me to arrange repairs!! Also the property would have to meet their criteria prior to them signing a lease...That wasn't a concern for me as my properties are kept to a good standard anyway but I walked away sharpish from them...It seems to be all take, take , take from landlords...enough is enough!

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    I had a lady rent a house from me years ago 3 doors down from a primary school. She allowed her son to stay there and he was a registered sex offender. I had to get her out and the council helped because of the proximity of the school. It’s only by fluke I found out and this guy could have been there for years without me knowing. It’s a worry that you cannot check these things prior to letting a property.

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    If the answer is renting to the Council it must be a stupid question!


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