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Council demands government approval for clampdown on landlords

A council has now approved plans for two of the country’s largest licensing schemes - one is so large it needs government approval before it can be implemented.

As we previewed last week, Oxford’s Labour council has agreed to renew an additional licensing scheme for all HMOs in the city, and also a massive selective licensing scheme that – if confirmed by central government – means that all privately rented homes in the city will need to be licensed.

Proposals split property industry opinion when they went to consultation. 


The additional HMO licensing renews the previous scheme which lapsed in January – a result of government advice to pause public consultation during the early stages of the pandemic. 

The new additional HMO licence scheme will run for five years and will commence after a statutory three month notice period on June 10.

The selective licensing scheme must be confirmed by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government. 

Oxford council says it’s now started work on two submissions to MHCLG relating to the scheme.

A council spokesperson says: “Every tenant deserves a decent home and a clear majority of Oxford’s private renters agree with us that licensing will help drive up standards and crack down on rogue landlords. 

“Renewing additional HMO and licensing all privately rented homes will also protect the majority of responsible landlords and agents who do a good job.”

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  • Just Mogler

    Just an income stream for the councils, less demand on Gov'mt. Good landlords don't need protection! . Bla,Bla,Bla.

    • 15 March 2021 09:09 AM

    And higher rents for me, and worse for tenants.
    How dim are these people?

  • icon

    Just how does licensing protect good landlords?

  • icon

    Increased costs = increased rent, so who are the losers ?

  • icon
    • 15 March 2021 09:07 AM

    As always, in my position any additional costs on my business results in more expense for the consumer (ie. Tenant), and that is exactly the same for every business across the world.

    Do these people (idiots) not realise they are punishing the people they should be protecting?

  • icon

    About time some one sought Government Approval to clamp down on out of control Rogue Councils.

  • icon

    It is clear that Government and Councils want less private Landlords. IMHO they will get what they want. I have got notice to quit from a very good tenant, whom I have for 4 years. He is relocating his family due to a transfer at work. This property will be going up for sale.
    I hope that the lenders will be able to find enough persons to lend too with the Government backed 95% mortgages, otherwise they will find themselves in a pickle.
    I understand the comments above, but a limit to how much you can put up rent and with big business now coming to the market place, 'times are a changing'.

  • icon

    Nanny knows best. And people in Oxford are notoriously too stupid to inspect properties before renting.

  • icon

    Yes Andy its clear Government wants less private LL and its happening big time by force, now far less private LL dropping rapidly. However this don't mean less rental property available this hasn't fallen just gobbled up by money rich big Companies & Portfolio LL with so many Regulatory and Taxation advantages, plus all the new built ones coming on line for Rental, (so less means more).
    London Councils must have a death wish with so many Treasonable Policy's to destroy the economy of the Capital, also extending ULEZ to perimeter North Circular Roads where Pollution is already among the highest in London, forcing more Traffic to use this road doubling Pollution for the thousands of Residence living along this route, concentrating Pollution Density along this route like a ring of Pollution around London, instead of dispersing the affects of Pollution more lightly in the atmosphere over all.

  • icon

    Councils are under huge budgetary pressure and this is one way they can fund their housing dept without using their own money. They don’t care that the rents go up - just that it relieves the pressure on their budgets. Unfortunately the tenants suffer.

  • icon
    • 15 March 2021 14:16 PM

    And one day that will bounce right back at them and will cost them double.

  • George Dawes

    Typical incompetent lefty council

  • Keith  Johnson

    Council trying to do a raid on landlords, will only result in higher rents and more demand, hope they all write to all their tenants explaining in detail why they are paying stealth taxes


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