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Not enough! Generation Rent slams latest eviction ban extension

Activists in Generation Rent have hit out at the latest extension to the ban on bailiff-enforced evictions. 

The government has extended this until the end of May, at which time there will be some form of so-far-undefined ‘tapering’ of the ban, dependent on the state of the country’s reopening.

Responding to the move, Baroness Alicia Kennedy, director of Generation Rent, says: “It is right that the bailiff eviction ban is being extended once again. It would be dangerous to allow people to be made homeless when coronavirus restrictions are still in place.


“But landlords can still serve eviction notices, even if their tenants have done nothing wrong, and courts remain open to process evictions. 

“The government's protections exclude renters who owe more than six months rent, and many of these people will be in debt due to the pandemic. Without financial support, renters will face a cliff edge when restrictions lift.

“We need a Covid Rent Debt Fund to help renters who have been affected by the pandemic and left with debts they're unable to pay. 

“The government must also bring forward the Renters Reform Bill and end ‘no fault’ Section 21 evictions so blameless renters don’t lose their homes as a result of the pandemic.”


The government announcement means that until May 31 private landlords will need to continue to give tenants six months’ notice before they can repossess properties, except in the following circumstances:

- Anti-social behaviour (four weeks’ notice)

- False statements provided by the tenant (two to four weeks’ notice)

- Over six months’ accumulated rent arrears (four weeks’ notice)

- Breach of immigration rules under the ‘Right to Rent’ policy (three months’ notice).

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    The only tenants facing her '' cliff edge '' would be those that haven't been paying.

  • James B

    These freeloaders wouldn’t be happy with a year free rent so no point listening to them

  • George Dawes

    I'm demanding rent up front now


    And I am demanding a working, house owning guarantor. Unfortunately this is akin to saying no benefit tenants, tough, the dogooders are getting what they asked for.


    How long before requesting a guarantor is subject to calls for a ban...?

  • icon
    • 15 March 2021 13:36 PM

    Quite right....You are NOT obliged to take a tenant if you don't want to. And it is your right to ask for a guarantor.

    If you don't want benefit tenants, just decline and say you have a better offer that you know they cannot afford.

    Rule No. 2 Never Ever

  • icon
    • 15 March 2021 14:15 PM

    And also, no kids under 20, and no pets of ANY kind.
    All are nightmares.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    If the Government think that ' strong - arming ' landlords to take pets will work, they'd better think again, because it will be more than just pets that are excluded from the PRS !


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