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Police help landlords conduct illegal and violent evictions - claim

A group of activists at the centre of campaigns for renters’ rights has claimed the police help landlords commit illegal acts.

The London Renters’ Union - which is in a body called the Renters Reform Coalition alongside Generation Rent, Shelter and the office of London Mayor Sadiq Khan - made the claim about the police on social media.

On Twitter it says: “Over past year, @metpoliceuk repeatedly helped landlords carry out illegal & violent evictions. Increased police powers will put renters at risk and make it harder to resist evictions and protest for our rights.”


The Twitter statement is part of the union’s campaign to oppose the controversial Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill which gives the police additional powers over some forms of protest. 

Currently if the police want to place restrictions they generally have to show a protest may result in "serious public disorder, serious damage to property or serious disruption to the life of the community”.

However if the Bill becomes law, police chiefs will be able to impose start and finish times, set maximum noise limits, and apply those controls not just to mass protests but to a demonstration even by a single individual.



The London Renters’ Union has in the past organised protests and spoken of “training” to resist evictions. In recent weeks it issued a joint statement alongside Generation Rent demanding direct financial assistance, rather than loans, for tenants with Covid-related arrears.

“Government-backed loans would help underwrite landlord profits but would leave renters pressured to take on massive debt repayments they can’t afford. If you can’t afford your rent, how can you afford loan repayments?” said LRU at the time.

This new LRU statement about protest rights follows similar social media messages from another anti-landlord and anti-letting agent group, Acorn, which has in the recent past staged demonstrations outside landlords’ homes.

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    • 18 March 2021 00:34 AM

    What's the problem here?

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    London renter's union, if tenants cannot afford their rent they need to move to somewhere where they can afford the rent, not a free cash pay out from the tax payer.

  • Mohammad Kamran  Iqbal

    If you don’t pay your rent then expect a ccj.


    Yes and we all need to be doing this now, even if there is little chance of getting the money owed give all the non payers a CCJ , cheap and easy to do, it will send out a strong message

  • James B

    These great unwashed freeloaders are getting way too much publicity for nothing ..

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    • 18 March 2021 09:38 AM

    Good on the Police. I have always supported and admired their work. Carry on boys.

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    Sounds like the police are upholding the law to me.

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    • 18 March 2021 09:56 AM

    JAMES B. - I have had troubles on the site for insulting tenants. Let's see what they say.

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    Is there any evidence put forward to back up this claim?

    I'm going to say no, considering evictions are a civil matter and the police don't get involved unless its to prevent a breach of the peace during a bailiff eviction. Its not even a debate, its the law. This is a clear falsehood.

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    I can only imagine there are serious issues of rent arrears, illegal occupation or some other serious issue for the Police to get involved in evictions. LLs and the Police don't just turn up and evict decent, rent paying tenants.


    Considering its a civil matter, the police don't turn up att all unless its to prevent a breach of the peace when bailiffs are enforcing a possession order.

    • 18 March 2021 15:33 PM

    If as a LL. you are now desperate for not having been paid for over a year then an illegal eviction seems VERY fair to me. And financially viable.

    How can these tenants steal so much money per contract and just carry on doing so? And the GOVT. allows this kind of theft. All are criminals.

    Make rent areas a CRIMINAL offence.

    Kick them out asap - Illegal or legal and anyway a CCJ and courts ASAP

    Thieving layabouts..

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    When is this crap all going to end? Pay your rent or do the decent thing and get out... Same as any business transaction... If you cant afford it don't buy it.

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    Now James you hit the nail on the head for sure.
    Any Breach that involves the Tenant is a Civil Matter.
    Anything that involves the Landlord is Criminal Law Matter.
    We are all equal before the Law, not.
    Did you see any Kangaroo’s lately.

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    So I'm leasing a Bentley Continental GT Convertible costing £2809.09 per month plus VAT. Business has been wobbling for a while now and I can't afford the repayments. So I've stopped paying. Apart from trying to recover the arrears, the leasing company now have the temerity to demand the car back but I won't give it to them. My justification is that I need a car to do what little business is left and also to get down to Waitrose for my weekly shop as I can't get a delivery slot. So I'm keeping the car and depending on the outlook for my business, may or may not resume payments and may or may not address the arrears. The leasing company have got pots of money - they can afford it.

    How many people support my stance?



    I support you keeping the Bentley. ....but shopping in Waitrose? That's just sheer extravagance at any time and very middle-class.

    Most Bentley drivers wear old patched second hand clothes and get their food from one of the farms on their estates.

    I suspect you're an imposter and drive a Porsche!

    Theodor Cable

    Change the Bentley for a McLaren, and shop at Harrods.
    Aim for a package of at least £5.500.00 per month plus VAT.
    Then run it for 6 months and then total the McLaren then stop the payments.

    That will really F**k them.

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    The best answer is to have the government treat landlords as an essential service. And as proper businesses.
    They will eliminate the housing crisis without costing the taxpayers a penny.
    How about that for a statement.
    Ps rent arrears and persistent debtors should have some kind of official record. Many are not genuine.
    But give real help to those that are. Including financial support for landlords.

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    My experience is that the polie are loath to help and so are trading standards, NICEIC (elecsa) and gassafe .


    Police don't want to know, some yrs ago I evicted a group of teenage boys from a flat. they had been climbing on the shop front to gain access, I informed the police and requested a police presence in case things kicked off, and they did kick off, no police but myself and 2 night club door men sorted it.


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