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Rogue landlord clobbered with ‘record’ five figure fine

A rogue landlord has been hit with a bill of £48,000 - a record for the council which brought the prosecution.

Tariq Javed from Aylesbury failed to comply with House of Multiple Occupancy regulations for his property in the town. The house was regularly inspected by officers from Buckinghamshire council, from October 2019 through to February last year, with multiple warnings that it did not meet minimum standards.

Offences included non-working fire detection unit, obstructed fire escape routes, trip hazards and lack of lighting on staircase and other escape routes. Javed also failed to comply with notices to provide legal documents such as tenancy agreements and gas safety certificates. Finally, he failed to comply with an improvement notice to bring the property up to an acceptable standard.


Javed failed to appear before a court to explain his actions and was fined £48,000 which included over £6,000 in costs at Buckinghamshire Magistrates Court. 

Upon conviction the magistrate commented: “Within the property hygiene was woefully lacking, it was uninhabitable. The kitchen was unfit for use, the gas supply was a risk and there was danger of electrocution. Importantly the escape routes were cluttered and dangerous due to trip hazards and a child could fall through the gaps in the staircase bannister.”


A spokesperson for Buckinghamshire council says: “Mr Javed failed in his duty as a landlord to provide decent, safe and clean accommodation for his tenants. He did not comply with legal requests from council officers to carry out the works needed to improve the property. 

“We hope this substantial fine sends the loud and clear message to any landlord who puts profits ahead of people that we will always take action to protect our residents”

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    Yet again it would seen that he was given the chance to carry out the works but didn't.



    I agree, but if there were enough homes then this property wouldn't have tenants, who presumably preferred it to being homeless?

    Perhaps the Council could use the £48k to renovate some derelict property? Perhaps the Council should confiscate properties like this and make them social housing?

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    • 01 April 2021 10:07 AM

    And do you think that might ever happen?


    If you're asking me, not until we get sensible councils - so NO!

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    Sorry I don't agree with this completely at all probably another miscarriage of justice ? if we have any Justice anymore from what I seen with the traffic money boxes in London. I think the Tenants are as much to blame as the LL' here, the fine should be halved and the Tenants fined the other £24k. The Council says they made Regular inspections, the Article gives the impression it was like years when in fact it was over a 4 month period so why not simply say how many visits they made, economic truth. OK LL should have Supplied them with a Tenancy agreement. Should have had Gas Certificate. Should have had working Fire Detection system, However they didn't say if it had been interfered with.
    Obstruction of Fire Escape that will be the Tenants clutter. Broken Bannister who broke it did LL come in & break it. About the lighting on the Stairs was it natural light or artificial if so who paid for leci, trip hazard might be stair Carpet coming loose from misuse (assumed). Provide clean a home were the Tenants reared ? we don't run a Nursery. Woefully Hygiene conditions, they were living like pigs so say its LL's fault & Council backs them up. We are being fed half a story again by the beneficiaries of Court Proceedings. Final comment the same for all local Authorities through out the Land, sending a clear message to all LL's ? we'll never be classed as anything else other than Rogues LL's.
    How is LL supposed to carry out improvements when it full of filthy people & their clutter ?.


    Michael, I hope you've got a good libel lawyer handy.

  • Fery  Lavassani

    Fines no good. Confiscate his property. That will send a loud and clear message to the rest of the cowboys.

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    Thank you Sir. I can’t help thinking who the Cowboys are.

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    Yes I have two tenants now evicted. They peer on
    The bed so much when drunk it went through the mattress through the bed onto the carpet. The cockiness burns on the carpet by the side of the bed the punch holes in the wall the toilet:/ shower never once cleaned in 12 months and these people wonder why we kick them out. But we are the rogue landlord because they didn’t clean an old bit of mildew on a wall. Done when a leak in the roof appeared and after it was fixed instead of simply wiping the mould off they left it there. Then refused to pay the rent for 6 months and would not let me into
    The room to do repairs. Win I the end though now they are paying me back monthly.

    • 01 April 2021 20:11 PM

    Thie**s all of them......

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    Hi Fery’s my friend you are a LL 1989 so you joined in the frey like all the others after the 1988 Act / Section 21. That I and hand full of others campaigned for 10 years prior. I say a handful because there was not many of us, relentlessly lobbying our M P’s & Ministers. Following the 1988 Act you were all eager to jump in when the hard work was done & Section 21 handed to you on a plate or none of you would be LL’s, now its going to be taken away you do nothing but sit on your hindquarters and talk because you don’t know the difference as you weren’t there before so you don’t appreciate what we went through prior to 1988,
    M Foley LL since 1978.

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    copies of tenancy agreements? confidential?

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    It seems the Councils are in Competition for Record fines, this one £48k a Record for this Council. I seem to remember a one in January a Record for Reading Council £66k.

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    Hi Terry yes Tenancy Agreements are Confidential between the Tenants, the Authorities and you.


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