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Shelter says over a quarter of tenants ‘afraid of homelessness’

The campaigning charity Shelter claims 14 per cent of adults in England - that’s six million people - are more worried about becoming homeless due to the pandemic. 

The survey, conducted for Shelter by YouGov, shows 27 per cent of private renters now fear becoming homeless: that’s 2.2 million people, it says.

The charity also claims that private renters are almost twice as likely to feel depressed and anxious about their housing situation compared with the general public.


Some 47 per cent say they are more depressed and anxious in light of the pandemic. 

Further findings include that, in just the last month, 24 per cent of private renters have had to borrow money to pay their rent, 18 per cent have cut back on food or skipped meals to pay their rent, and 12 per cent have cut back on heating their home to pay their rent.

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    Avoid the rent, feel the fear.

    Avoid the fear, pay the rent!

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    • 16 March 2021 09:05 AM

    Nice. Very nice.

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    • 16 March 2021 09:07 AM

    If the Govt, keep wanting to kill all LL, then yes, these people should be afraid!
    The Govt, are the ones making them fearful.

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    Good tenants have nothing to worry about, those that have been taking advantage of the present situation should be very worried, we will all know who you are.

    • 16 March 2021 10:18 AM

    Courts, all costs and CCJ's are the very least they should suffer.
    Plus repaying every penny of arrears.

  • Matthew Payne

    The story has validity but not sure on shelters maths once more. The highest number I have seen reported for tenants, (not households) in arrears is 840,000, albeit the CAB has it closer to 500,000 for some reason. Shelter are also using tenants as their yard stick, no doubt as the numbers look larger. Why then would the balance of 1.4m ish tenants fear being made homeless when they aren't in arrears? Cant see many LLs serving notice on tenants that have managed to maintain their rent payments during the pandemic.

  • James B

    Well shelter you know what to do .. stop driving out landlords

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Nothing is Free, neither before, or after the Pandemic. And Govt trying to make Private individual Landlords pay for supporting their welfare responsibilities WILL come home to roost and backfire.

    Unfortunately, it will be tenants who suffer most.

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    be afraid, very afraid... tenants on the other hand have nothing to worry about


    That's good to know.......because that's what rent dodging tenants will have to look forward to......nothing.....no home and no prospect of getting any decent home again.

    How can idiots sleep at night when they are advising tenants in financial trouble to go down this sorry road?

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    Shouldn't it say, quarter of tenants NOT paid their rent and although Tesco's don't allow you to walk out with free food, they think they can have a free house....
    Shelter are a Marxist organisation hell bent on bankrupting landlords


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