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Standby for post-lockdown rush of property investment

Investors are sitting on an average of over £37,000 each in investment capital they are poised to inject into the property market.

That’s the findings of a survey conducted by property investment platform Brickowner - a service for investors and asset managers - which has polled investors about their intentions when the UK’s roadmap out of Coronavirus rolls on.

It’s a small survey - just 126 investors - but the results are interesting.


Asked how much money they had “allocated to invest into property via platforms or direct”, the average response was £37,345. 

Users were also asked to state what type of investment would interest them, with the most popular emerging as residential (67 per cent) followed by commercial (48 per cent) and in third place, care homes (42 per cent). 

The average annual return they were looking for was 8.4 per cent and the average most desired fixed term was two years and eight months.

Brickowner chief executive Fred Bristol says: “The pandemic is very likely to have had a chilling effect on the enthusiasm of property investors over the last year – but there are real reasons for optimism.  



“First, it’s clear from surveys like ours that investors have not lost their love of property and want to invest. And, second, we are already seeing early signs of a turnaround that may be linked in part to the successful vaccine roll-out, a key precondition for the re-opening of the UK economy. 

“Activity on Brickowner’s platform has risen dramatically since New Year. In fact, the amount invested in first two months of 2021 was almost double that of the last two months of 2020.” 



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    I can assure you that I won't be investing... I'm starting to reduce my portfolio... It's far from the attractive investment it was when I started out 20 plus years ago.. I'm getting out whilst the goings 'good'.


    But where else can you get such low risk yields?

    I don't trust the red braces brigade in the City and cash deposits interest is under 1% typically.


    Not sure I would call property 'low risk' at the moment!

    Like Shane, I am beginning to unwind - thank goodness Rishi didn't mention raising CGT in his tax proposals!


    I'm sticking with it, although I'm not looking to buy more at the moment.

  • Bill Wood

    I have been in the business a long time, 22 years, and are of retirement age, 68, and have no appetite to expand or contract, although I could do either. It's a good living, and with the help of my trades people I can cope. I just need to keep up with the changes as they come along.


    I agree Bill, I'll be 68 this yr, I still do most of my repairs, clean ups and decorating, I earn more than I need and enjoy doing it, the secret at our time of life is no debt and good tenants.

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    Acid Managers indeed maybe Acid strippers more like. I wouldn’t say low risk Investment at all, anyone with significant borrowings are up against it for sure. Then we have all the Regulatory Requirements even the Additional Licensing Scheme in Harrow if it applies to you Application Fee alone is £1310.00 could be small Flat c/tax £1680. For my one bed Flat. All the up dating possibly for EPC’s, E,C,I,R not including other material changes & labour costs nothing left on the bone. Big Property price drop to come inevitable, millions of jobs gone not coming back, thousands of Businesses closed for ever, millions on Benefits, Building thousands of high rise Flats clearly not required, a million Tenants gone back to their home land. Where are the taxes going to come from ? we were the last resort, now getting to the bottom of the barrel with us too. Come on now no magic money trees we are all adults.

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    • 28 March 2021 15:11 PM

    Whatever happened to David Crisp?


    Same as Paul Barrett I expect, what happen to freedom of speech ?? Maybe I'll be the next to go ? I tell it as it is, please or offend , if I offend some tough I really don't care.

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    Shoot the messenger .


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