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Three year tenancies and much more licensing proposed by council

A council enquiry is proposing a flurry of new landlord licensing schemes in one county in England. 

An inquiry into the private rental sector in Cornwall started in 2019 and its recommendations, just released, include possible licensing schemes covering Penzance, Newquay, Camborne, Pool, Redruth, Falmouth and Penryn.

The council will also lobby the government to make three-year tenancies standard, “to give tenants more security.”


A spokesperson for the authority says: “Cornwall’s private rented sector continues to grow and currently covers 37,500 properties – around 18 per cent of all housing in Cornwall.

“The inquiry panel clearly believed that the use of discretionary powers in the form of selective and additional licensing for several areas would give an opportunity to bring about significant improvements in privately rented homes, helping those living in poor quality accommodation at a scale not seen before in Cornwall.”

Cornwall councillor Cornelius Olivier, who chaired the inquiry, says: “We were also mindful of the effect that poor housing has in a wider sense, such as on people’s health and protecting children from harm as the numbers of children living in the private rental sector is known to have risen dramatically over recent years.”

The panel was told that around 50 per cent of Cornwall’s privately rented housing is concentrated in its 20 largest towns and is a larger sector than social renting.

It also heard that more children now live in privately rented homes than live in socially rented or owner-occupied homes – and that housing costs are higher.



A statement from the council says: “At a time when pandemic-related restrictions are fully lifted and society is in a more settled state, the council will look to consult fully with all those who could be affected by further landlord licensing and will invite them for their views in due course before any decisions are made.”

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    Labour controlled councils in Cornwall very pro Shelter


    Labour controlled Councils in Cornwall? It's a unitary authority, and there's only 4 Labour councillors on it as opposed to 41 Tories, 36 Lib Dems and 31 Independents. It's Labour controlled in the same way that I'm King of England.


    You’re right Leics Landlord have another biscuit. That should have said Labour controlling council as it’s their councillors heading enquiry’s because they are now all of a sudden very concerned for children as per article.
    Selective licensing is the default option for councils that can’t manage finances, don’t keep to budgets and spend as much as they can before the year end

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    Then rents will rocket and children will be sharing a bedroom in a B&B with their parents, you get nout for nout in this world.

    • 22 March 2021 13:21 PM

    Harsh, but who really cares?

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    Council going for more free gold, they have no intentions of earning their living.

  • David Lester

    The favourite pastime in Cornwall is to rip-off tourism and tourists, now that they cannot the next option is PRS!

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    In Brent I see Council saying they are fully committed to levelling up. What they seem to mean is making the poor richer but they are richer already in Brent. Free housing, Benefits, Schools, Uniforms, School meals even at home, Children Allowance etc. That’s why 25’000 working age persons unemployed in Brent more joining every day. The others over age milking it as well for sure. So levelling up must mean screw the working tax payer more to give to them. We have a Labour MP re-elected 7 times how can he or Labour Party miss guaranteed 25k votes immediately, the problem now is there are too many unemployed voters. Levelling up, no one will want to do anything.

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    3 year tenancies won't give tenants more security. If they are bad tenants they will be asked to leave just as they are now. Under the current system of 2 months notice I have tenants who have been in for over 10 years. They are under no threat as they are good tenants.


    Good tenants have nothing to fear, I also have tenants of 10 yrs +, bad tenants will be out on the ear PDQ.


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