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Boris Johnson becomes a landlord (and will allow pets)

The Daily Mail is reporting that Prime Minister Boris Johnson is to let his Oxfordshire cottage out - and he’s taking pets.

It’s not clear whether he’s using the new model tenancy agreement promoted by the government back in February, which advocates landlords accepting pets in most circumstances.

The PM is to get a cool £4,250 per calendar month for his unfurnished cottage, which is being marketed by Strutt & Parker and boasts a heated swimming pool, tennis court and uninterrupted country views.


The description places the property as “a lovely Grade II-listed 4-bed family cottage” with “lovely walks and pubs nearby”.

It is available to rent for a minimum term of 12 months.

Johnson and ex-wife Marina Wheeler bought the house for £690,000 in 2003; the Mail describes its interior as consisting of white walls and mahogany flooring.

The 3,100 sq ft property also has an annexe, which is described by the estate agents as a garden room. Converted from a barn, the self-contained building has a small kitchen and features exposed brick and a fireplace. 

The Mail’s story contains some images of the property - you can see the article here.

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    I hope he's got a satisfactory EICR!


    Doubt he's ever heard of it,but wish him well with this

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    Another rogue landlord ?

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    Hope he’s allowing Housing Benefit claimants to apply

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    • 13 April 2021 10:15 AM

    Of course he can afford all the risks associated with allowing pets.

  • James B

    Wow boris you are the tenants hero landlord, hope you get a few tenant votes for taking pets ..

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    Very nice Property in Oxfordshire with plenty of outside space to exercise and accommodation pets, not like Flats sometimes with no outside space in high density areas in Towns & City's.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    If ever there was a ' Landlord ' that " Deserved " a bad Tenant, I could think of no better example.
    I see the advert doesn't state he will accept tenants on benefit - why on earth not ? - I mean its not like anyone to think that a Tenant should be able to afford to pay the rent before granting them a tenancy agreement.

  • icon

    This is a different market and Benefit Tenants are not part of the equation.
    The Tenant will have a very highly paid job, other income or already wealthy. The Landlord can take a bigger than 5 weeks Deposit as it’s over £50k per annum.

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    Why don’t all you Lefty’s take a break, or just try living in the real World, where if you put in the effort you get the reward, after you have taken the risk.

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    The Daily Mail? It must be true then. :-)

  • George Dawes

    I use Strutt & Parker for my properties , they're very good

    The Daily Fail are obsessed with property prices , Mr Smith who lives in a £200,000 flat says hello to Mr Brown who lives in a £289,651 flat who gets his cleaning done by a lady who lives in a£2... etc etc

    It's truly bizarre

  • Philip Drake

    I wonder how Section 24 will impact his strategy.

    I’m surprised that he has opted for BTL. Would a holiday let have been a better choice?


    Boris is your typical Eton / university boy, letters after his name and zero commonsense.


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