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Most landlords have doubts about staying in buy to let sector - survey

A survey of 20,000 landlords by a comparison website suggests 53 per cent are uncertain if they want to remain in buy to let.

This is at odds with a recent analysis of hundreds of thousands of transactions by the Hamptons agency which showed sales by landlords quitting the sector at a seven year low.

The reasons for doubting buy to let, given by the 53 per cent in Rentround's survey, were over property prices post Covid-19, future tax hikes on landlords, and rent defaults after furlough ends.


Elsewhere in the survey, 44 per cent of landlords said fees were the biggest factor when choosing an agent, followed by the agents’ ability to quickly find tenants and fill voids, and the likelihood that the agent would ensure the landlord had a “headache free” life.

Amongst services which landlords most needed from agents, 39 per cent stated tenant-find only, following by 30 per cent for a guaranteed rent option. 


“Guaranteed rent continues in popularity. The uncertainty brought about by eviction bans, the future ending of furlough and changes in tenant behaviour is pushing landlords for safer approaches when their rental income is concerned” says Rentround founder Raj Dosanjh. 

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    Depends on the landlord and how they run their businesses, those running on debt will likely want out or at least want to reduce their debt.

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    Two days ago it was reported on this site that landlords leaving the sector was at a 7 year low. Make your mind up.

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    Debt is not an issue for me but this one sided barrage and total unfairness from government is indeed making me think it’s time to cash in. What was a pleasant job with in the main pleasant people has become a bureaucracy filled nightmare just like everything with government interference does.

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    I have to agree Adrian Hayes. We feel vilified at every turn. The press is not helpful either stiring up angst and prejudice. Most of us do a great job and at the same time help provide great accommodation. But a turn point is approaching where we are not social services and these properties are not government property. So, if they keep on with all the restrictions and and not allowing us to conduct our business then its time to look at other ventures.


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