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Opposition to licensing scheme set to be discussed tomorrow

It’s been reported that a bid to impose a rental licensing regime on the Channel Island of Jersey - set to be discussed tomorrow - has run into opposition.

ITV News on the island reports that the Jersey Landlords' Association says the proposed scheme is a "concern" to anyone involved in the sector.

An earlier version of the scheme, including a register for landlords, has been amended; the new versions will include inspections to help enforce minimum standards for rental properties, which were approved by the States back in 2018.


Landlords through the JLA have argued that the official proposal remains too bureaucratic and may lead to some owners quitting the sector.

The JLA suggests introducing a registration scheme where all landlords register themselves and their rental properties together with a  complaints scheme, where "tenants are empowered to complain" through education and appropriate guidelines.

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  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    Licensing is a money-making ponsi-scheme, - Councils already have to power to improve standards ( for those properties that require it ! Only )


    I echo the above. Legalised theft. Just a great way of getting dual council tax payments from the tenant and then the landlord. It is very true this does not improve standards and if such action is required they already have enough of the power of the state to make any landlords life a misery.

  • icon

    Guess what - rents will go up and so the tenants will end up funding the Housing Dept instead of Central Govt.

    I get that LAs have had such big cuts in their funding that they need to be creative in how they fund their services but at least be honest and admit that this is about funding not standards.


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