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Activists demand mandatory register to root out “criminal landlords”

Activists led by Baroness Alicia Kennedy of Generation Rent say the proposed reform of the private rental system must include a mandatory landlord register for England.

The campaign group leader, responding to the Queen’s Speech, says: “Generation Rent has campaigned for a landlord register for years so it is welcome that the government will now consider it. 

“Renters in Scotland and Wales can check online that their landlord is legitimate – introducing this to England would help drive criminal landlords out of the market and give renters a way to complain about mistreatment.”


The group has also backed other measures which the government has indicated will appear in a White Paper this autumn, ahead of the introduction of legislation into the House of Commons. 

This includes long-standing Conservative commitments to outlaw Section 21 eviction powers, reform Section 8 possession powers for landlords, and to introduce ‘lifetime deposits’ to make it easier and cheaper for tenants to move home.

“The pandemic has shown everyone the importance of a secure and decent home, but 11m private renters just don’t have this, when they can lose their home at their landlord’s whim” says Baroness Kennedy. 

“The government’s recommitment to abolishing Section 21 evictions is welcome, and we will work closely with the government to make sure these reforms ensure renters can enjoy long term homes and a better relationship with their landlord.

“The government has recommitted to reforming the deposits system, which is one of the biggest barriers to people moving home in the private rented sector. It is difficult to save five weeks’ rent to put down a deposit when your existing one is tied up in the current property. The government must also make sure the process of getting your deposit back is fair, to give renters trust in the system.”



However, Generation Rent appears impatient with the timing of the government’s commitments: although no timetable has been released, it’s expected that the White Paper later this year will be followed by consultation and only then will legislation be put before MPs.

Baroness Kennedy says: “While the government’s intentions are positive, renters have already been waiting for tenancy reforms for two years. The government rightly wants to learn the lessons of the pandemic but must use the months ahead to make sure that the private rental market is suitable for all the people who now depend on it.”

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    So who will campaign for a mandatory tenant register?


    Agreed. I fully back that tenants need to know this information but so do we. We need a register of all criminal tenants (in terms of renting not other criminal matters)

    In the spirit of providing solutions and not problems we as landlords can do this. Simply if you are the victim to a criminal tennant ensure you make everyone aware by giving that person a CCJ. OK it didn't stop this from happening to you, but it will prevent the person causing further damage to others. If we all robustly use this mechanism it will create the "register".

    CCJs are a legal mechanism we should not be afraid of using.


    Totally agree, everyone registered as it should be a two way thing. That way bad tenants as well as bad landlords will hopefully change their ways.

    I've always said a register for all was the right approach - maybe even cut the costs in relation to referencing that landlords pay letting agencies to get a new tenant. All disputes to be recorded along with outcomes so it's transparent.


    They’ll shout “civil liberties and data protection” at us!!

    • 12 May 2021 19:12 PM

    It MUST be coupled with the same register of tenants........
    Without doubt.

    • 12 May 2021 20:30 PM

    There cannot be one register without the other.......
    Otherwise, there is a prejudice. And a serious one at that.

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    I would not be against a landlord register, in fact I would welcome it, together with an agents register and a tenants register, all openly accessible for all to access online.


    I second that. I would be happy to to support generation rent if they start campaigning for
    3 open criminal records registers on gov.uk:
    1. Tenants register.
    2. Agents register.
    3. Landlords register.

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     G romit

    ..because they know they'd all fail!

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    I would back a Landlord register. Rogue landlords will have to sell leaving legit law abiding, tax paying, professional landlords with fewer properties which means drumroll - Higher rents!
    Also this would have to lead way to a tenant register as it will be difficult to justify one without the other. If the tenant was licenced. Most issues would be sorted overnight.
    Be careful what you wish for Baroness


    All landlords in Scotland should already be registered but there are still the same rogues defying the law, along with the same rogue tenants.

    Theory and practice can differ markedly in real life.

    PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    No, unfortunately they Would NOT sell, they just would Not register, - just like they don't apply for HMO licenses, despite RRO's !

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    These people make me laugh - and not in a good way.

    They bemoaned lack of deposit protection and redress. They got it. They then complained it wasn’t enough and deposits should be capped. So deposits were reduced to just 5 weeks, which is useless. They now say that’s too difficult and they want a passport scheme between properties. When they get that, what’s the betting they won’t like it and will need a ‘no deposit/no landlord claim’ arrangement?? There’s no pleasing some people...

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    The bad landlords in Scotland still don’t register. The councils can check “their own register” but still want agencies to feed all their records back to them.

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    Why would they need a Register to root out criminal LL’s if they are saying there are criminal LL’s then they must know who they are otherwise its all here say.

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    • 12 May 2021 14:00 PM

    We also need a tenants register.

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    Why would you need a Tenant Register. The Laws only applies to Landlords, that’s been well documented year on year and on going, what ever happened to the scales of Justice, seems to be stuck out of balance.


    Since the laws are unfairly in favour of unscrupulous tenants/generation rent - for fairness to all stakeholders there should be 3 open free registers for use by generation rent tenants, and landlords listing criminal records on gov.uk:
    1. Tenants register,
    2. Letting Agents register,
    3. Landlords register.
    It’s a balanced approach requirement for fairness in justice.

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    Are we not all Registered already don’t everyone have a tax file number, so the Authorities know everything about us already.
    I think there should be a Register for Criminal Activists.


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