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Activists request meeting with government over rental reform

A coalition of 20 pro-tenant organisations - including at least one actively campaigning against some government measures - wants a meeting with the Secretary of State of Housing over proposals to reform the rental sector.

Acorn, a group which has held numerous protests against individual landlords and lettings agencies, is also currently campaigning against the government’s Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill - it has held demonstrations against the measure, which it alleges would unreasonably restrict protests in future. 

However Acorn is amongst 20 groups, including Generation Rent, saying it wants “to meet with you [Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick] and discuss how we can work constructively together” on rental reform.


Last week’s Queen’s Speech included a broad pledge for rental reform, starting with a White Paper expected to be delivered in the autumn.

The letter to Jenrick - from a body called the Renters’ Reform Coalition, based at Generation Rent’s offices in North Shields - says reforms which it says were promised by the Conservatives in 2019 are “needed more than ever” now as a result of the pandemic.

The letter says: “The coalition hopes the government uses this year to work with the sector to deliver a fairer rental market with greater protections for renters and a rebalancing of power to enable people to hold their landlord to account.”



Members of the coalition include the National Union of Students, Renters’ Rights London, Advice for Renters, the Greater Manchester Tenants Union and the London Renters’ Union.

The coalition is funded by the Nationwide Foundation; you can see its letter to Jenrick here.

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    Can we attend that meeting to put forward our concerns and needs ? oh thought not.

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    I am all for being held to account. All I ask is the same strengh of fire power is there for us to use when some of the individuals we encounter dont keep to their end of a legal agreement.

  • Mark Wilson

    BTL - Exit via the gift shop

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    Dont waste your time by trying to go because you would be wasting your time and even if you did get included you would still be wasting your valuable time.

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    They are not interested in reform. They only want to destroy the rental sector. They are too stupid to realise though that millions of tenants will have nowhere to live.

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    Mark, that’s a great idea why didn’t I think of that, exit by the Gift Shop that would suit the free loader Culture down to the ground. Why Rent or buy you’d have to be mad, just give me one everything must be free it’s my right.


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