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Council offer of help to landlords as bailiff-enforced eviction ban ends

A council in the north of England is offering help to landlords and private rental tenants as the bailiff-enforced eviction ban comes to an end this coming weekend.

Chesterfield council is reminding tenants and buy to let investors that emergency measures to protect people living in rented accommodation were brought into force in March 2020 to help those struggling financially as a result of the pandemic - but after May 31, next Monday, the government will no longer provide any further protection and private sector landlords will once again be able to take court action to remove private tenants.

Landlords anticipating serving notice on tenants can approach ‘Call B4 U Serve’ – hosted by nearby Derby council - which offers a number of solutions to try to get the tenancy back on track without resorting to costly legal action.




Councillor Chris Ludlow, Chesterfield council’s cabinet member for housing, says: “The Covid-19 pandemic has been incredibly difficult for tenants and landlords … Rent arrears caused due to the pandemic could lead to more people becoming homeless, so it is important that people know what support is available to prevent this happening.”

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    Funny that, now that the non payers will be evicted and turning up en mass at council housing offices demanding housing, don't think many landlords are going to have much sympathy , or even going to be talking to councils, too little far too late.

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    The disgraceful way Private Landlords aka ‘Private Home Providers’, have been treated is beyond belief and there is absolutely ‘no way’ we will be entering into any discussions with the Council. Selling up our HMOs now and just keeping the single let properties, with a view to selling them off, one by one, should the ridiculous demands continue! Twenty plus years providing and maintaining decent homes for so many tenants, to end up being treated like sh*t!

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    Will be reducing rent to house ONLY tenants with home owned guantors. The govt. is being exposed daily on their incompetancies and im sure once the eviction ban is over they will be exposed on their mismanagement of the PRS.

  • girish mehta

    The government , charities and councils portraying landlords as rouges,money grabbing sharks and exploiting poor renters.
    Bringing in laws to line up their coffers. Now the pandemic is over and the real truth will come out as landlords leave the market as that no longer afford keep non paying tenant in place. Landlords have invested in improving housing and provide homes for millions the job which the government, social sector, and councils have failed to provide for decades. We are heading back to housing issues faced in 60and seventies.
    Rising rents and no houses . It’s is going to land back to government and councils to house more homeless people and on their finances. Bring the cooperation in and they will charge market rent and pass all charges to tenants. Good for the government as they will make more in tax. Look at the build to rent homes their rents are Eli Ilan to to one person wages in london. Nothing is free in life , you have to pay in the end one way or other. If you believe the false promises and agenda then you have only yourself to blame


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