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Message to government: Help landlords and support private renting, or else

One of the leading industry suppliers has given a warning to government that continual regulation and legal changes restricting landlords will backfire, with tenants the real victims.

Andy Halstead - HomeLet & Let Alliance chief executive - says that with almost a quarter of adults in the UK now privately renting, the sector’s importance is understated by those who don’t understand how vital it is. 

“We all agree that the industry works best when balancing the needs of all parties, critically between landlords and their tenants. The common misconception is that increases in rents are solely driven by unscrupulous landlords trying to maximise profits. That is simply not true” insists Halstead.


“Landlords have been hit by a sustained raft of legislative changes, which mean that their costs to let property have had to increase. With the Tenant Fees Act as an example, costs are ultimately passed on to tenants through higher rents – the same group who should have benefitted most from that legislation.     

“The ban on all tenant evictions and plans to abolish Section 21 may prompt some landlords to consider exiting the market when they’re able to, causing yet more strain on property supply.”

He believes that buy to let will continue to be an excellent long-term investment, but the pandemic has amplified some of the issues that both landlords and tenants are facing.  


“The reality is that once the furlough scheme ends, millions of people could potentially be facing unemployment at the same time as tackling the most expensive rental market on record. 

“The country risks a deepening crisis if policy change aimed at restoring balance to the market is not urgently pursued.” 

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    But will the government listen?

     G romit

    When has any Government of any persuasion listened to Landlords. Especialy when they give taxpayers money to the likes of Shelter to have their own ears bent.

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    Hi all,
    I am also one of those unfortunate landlord who has been effected by the government soft corner tenant's policy , my tenant hasn't paid me for 8 months and owes me over £10000, i am going through legal way which it take way too long and expensive also the tenant completely ruined my house. I don't know who to ask help or what to do in this matter just waiting for the court to list my hearing.

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    This is so wrong. I'd hate to think of what I would do if I was in your situation because I am not over patient. I had bad tenants in 2019 and was about to sell my rental property last year. Covid stopped my sale going through and I am now pleased in some respects, as the property has increased in value. Hopefully your property will have also increased in value, which should hopefully soften your frustrations. I do feel for you though as it is nothing short of theft.

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    Sorry, my reply above, was intended to be a reply to Nida Obaid.

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    It’s ludicrous. I had three tenants they owe me 18,000 and whilst they are now out I have a cat in hells chance of recovering any money. This government is shambolic and the anti landlord group very powerful. We are treated like criminals and told it’s our social duty to not kick kick people out. But that’s just utter twaddle. We need to start fighting back. First by lobbying all of our MP’s


    I tried that with George Freeman, kind words but not interested in the least, we are on our own.

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    Nida Obaid, I am in the same boat as you. My tenant owes me one year’s rent and has miss treated my property. The tenant also loves the fact that I can’t get rid of him. He told me he is not moving until the bailiff come. I am also waiting for a court hearing, so you are not alone.


    Just make sure he leaves with a CCJ to his name, and everyone knows who he is

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    I may be wrong (just once!) but I have a feeling this has happened before in threads with "contributions" by our friend John Smith.

    Unless some comments have been removed I can't see any justification for further contributions being "no platformed" on that thread.

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    The Govt have No intention of 'listening' - because its treating PRS Landlords as the Fall Guy for the Over demand due to Immigration and under supply of housing by successive Govt failure.


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