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Rental White Paper - government gives hint of what it will contain

The government has pledged to  bring forward a White Paper in the Autumn, focussing on its commitments to reform the private rental sector. 

Officially no details of its contents are to be released until agreed by politicians leading the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, but there has been a big hint dropped by government as to what the document will contain. The hint came in a government response, released last evening, to a House of Commons committee. 

The government response said: "We expect the White Paper will cover:


"- Reforming tenancy law to remove Section 21 of the Housing Act 1988 and to amend the possession grounds under Section 8 of the Act, so that landlords can regain their property where it is fair and reasonable to do so, for example where they need to sell or move into a property;

"- Introducing a new ‘lifetime’ deposit model to ease one of the key burdens when tenants need to move, while balancing landlords’ needs of a deposit scheme;

"- Requiring all private landlords to belong to a redress scheme, to drive up standards in the private rented sector and ensure that all tenants have a right to redress;

"- Considering further reforms of the private renter sector enforcement system so it is well targeted, effective and supports improvements in property conditions. This will include a set of measures to hold bad landlords to account for delivering safe and decent housing to tenants without penalising good landlords; and

"- Exploring improvements and possible efficiencies to the possession process in the courts, to make it quicker and easier for landlords and tenants to use."

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    Re lack of Sect 21 I will not be putting up with any tenants that cannot communicate politely or continually trying to blag a kitchen upgrade or garden landscaping or the incessant moaning from the few. I will sell rather than house. This will embolden those few to think they can now complain forever and we can’t do anything well they are in for a big shock - Estate Agent sign will be ordered


    In Scotland rents went up 30 per cent when the new legislation came in December 2017.

    You don't actually have to sell to get them out in Scotland, just try to sell but change your mind.

    Tenants actually have less security as there are no fixed term tenancies any more in Scotland.

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    Adding grounds to Section 8 is utterly meaningless unless the time taken is drastically shortened. I'd say give automatic rights to instruct bailiffs after 10-15 days then let the tenant complain ex-post-facto.

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    Are they going to require all tenants to belong to a redress scheme to compensate landlords when they trash the place or don't pay the rent? I won't hold my breath.

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    why are good landlords treated like criminals?!
    we house people for the government.
    We need bigger tax breaks to invest in the properties,full support from the government.
    No vat on improvements and full write off finance costs agains tax.
    without us landlords,this government would be in the s***! and they know it.
    Lets change the term "Landlord" to "housing providers" that may help,I have never liked the use of the "Landlord" that belongs to the pub business!

  • John  manley

    Paul Kaye, well said, "private housing provider" I like that. "Landlord" has a negative image thanks to so much biased publicity. I will be using that as my job description from now on.

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    I agree. Housing provider. We provide a roof over someone’s head that hasn’t the means or inclination to put their money or name up to purchase. Some of these organisations GR Acorn and NRLA should remember that

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    Joining a redress scheme (when my agent already has to), no worries - I'll just pop the fee on the rent :)

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    perhaps everyone would like to sign this petition.parliament.uk/petitions/586527

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    Cheap Housing Provider.

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    We provide the housing at no cost whatsoever to Government how can they have a better deal than that. We buy the property off our own backs, give Government tens of thousands SDLT for the privilege. Maintain & update the Property with our own Labour & Finance. Pay all Legal Requirements. Pay thousands to License and do the necessary Compliance requirements. Furnish the property usually also supply, washing machines, fridge/ freezers, hoover, microwave, cookers & additional cookers & extra sinks for HMO’s. Boiler maintenance & break downs Gas Certificate, Electric inspection condition reports, Fire Alarms Certs, Emergency lighting Certs etc. We do all this you can turn around surely and tell me they don’t like us, my goodness what a Service at no cost to tax payer top that. We are in Partnership with the Government but they are the Sleeping Partner with no input just collect 40%
    of the Profit to add to the thousands already mentioned. Their own Branch the Local Authorities can’t compete with us they don’t do or pay any of the above, dip into tax payers money for anything they do, they don’t pay tax as I understand it how about making us exempt.


    Can't wait for a code of conduct to be approved as well.... Wonder what they'll think when they see your comments

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    John, you mean there’s more, my goodness it is a Police State. So sorry for ever being a LL my big mistake. I could have been on Benefit everything provided, my family reared & fed & educated for me. Then I could complain about LL’s and not be wearing out my body molly cuddling others. So about typo previously I meant to say up to 40% but maybe that should be up to 45%. the screen on my phone is very small. I’ll have to learn your code of conduct obviously to stop anyone from telling the truth but I think we have that already. I wish you well, night.

  • George Dawes

    You typed that on a phone ? Impressive

    I'm useless with mine lol

  • PossessionFriendUK PossessionFriend

    A LOT of Tenants are going to be excluded from the PRS by the abolition of Section 21.

    Councils won't know what's hit them. ...
    and Tenants won't have the Intelligence to know its the so-called support groups that campaign for the 5% Criminal - Rent-dodging Tenants that have caused this.


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