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Will these 10 points ensure tenants get their deposits back?

An interiors company claims a 10 point guide for private tenants will ensure they get all of their deposit back when they check out.

Runrug claims four out of 10 tenancy deposits are not dealt with correctly by landlords or agents - with problems ranging from the funds not being protected properly, through to slow repayment to tenants after check out, or the landlord not providing all the appropriate information to the renter.

Runrug describes its checklist as “an important takeaway for tenants” and says it is “designed to help ensure that a landlord cannot deduct unreasonable costs from a deposit once a tenancy has ended.”


Do you agree?

1. Quick Paint Job: "Touch up the paint wherever possible and fill in any holes you’ve made when hanging pictures" says Runrug;

2. Replace Lightbulbs: "Replace any missing light bulbs in the property";

3. Replace Any Missing Keys: "If you’ve lost any spare house/garage/shed or posted keys get them recut before moving out";

4. Replace Any Broken Items: "If your tenancy came with items in the property like plates or cutlery ensure anything broken is replaced. You move-out inventory should match the move-in one";

5. Leave Your Flat In A ‘Domestically’ Clean Condition: "Focus on things like the oven and microwave, inside the washing machine and any mould or mildew in the bathroom";

6. Take Out The Rubbish: "Make sure the bins are left empty, tidy and clean to avoid any bacterial or nasty smells";

7. Clean Your Friday/Defrost The Freezer: "If your property came with a fridge/freezer make sure they are both cleaned thoroughly and the freezer is defrosted";



8. Make It Smell Nice - Spray Your Soft Furnishings: "Remove any lingering smells from soft furnishings. Bicarbonate of soda is a good natural scent eliminator";

9. Spruce Your Communal Areas Up Together: "If you have housemates and a joint tenancy agreement you are ALL liable for the overall condition of a property - ensure communal areas are in good shape before moving out";

10. Send Your Wireless Router Back To Your Supplier: "Remove your wireless router and send it back - easy to forget but you will be charged for it". 

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    Its no wonder tenants don't get their deposits back if they need to be told such basic things!

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    They say: 1, Quick paint job - says it all!

    My Rule 1. DON'T DARE paint my property, unless you're a professional and have asked my permission, otherwise you'll be paying for a professional to fix your botched up "quick paint job".

    In the early days I did allow tenants to paint but quickly learned that no good turn goes unpunished.

    They say 9. "Spruce up". I say "Thoroughly clean" or again, expect to pay for professionals to do it properly.

    This mob shows little respect for Landords - but even less for the incoming tenants!

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    I had a family move out of a property about 18 months ago, the guy text me saying sorry for not clearing up before he left, he thought saying sorry made it alright, normally I would clean up my self and make a small charge against the deposit for doing so, but I got the cleaners in, that was £400, then there was the cooker, only 18 months old and beyond cleaning, so I bought a new one and charged him 50% of the cost, I think I was very fair, and he got non of his deposit back, what is it with people when they think it acceptable to simply walk out leaving the clean up to others.

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    • 17 May 2021 13:33 PM

    My son - For they know not what they do!!!!!!

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    Er really. No to them.painting unless a painter by trade. Clean HAS to mirror the inventory when they went in. To be honest, all tenants are told how to respect MY property and how to leave it when they leave and if its not then Deductions will be made. However if they have to take the advice of runrug(never heard of them)

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    An interior company? What do they know? Lol! Perhaps it would be better to get an actual Landlord to come up with a top 10 list. Preferably one that helps the LL, the tenant and the NEXT tenant!
    Who is this company?? I’d prefer to direct my comments to the correct person rather than on a thread like this. They need advice from professional LLs! (Or any LLs. I’ve been doing this 16 years, 30 properties and still don’t consider myself to know everything).
    We should start our own group! LL’s Unite!


    👏I second #LLUnite 👆

  • Mark Hulbert

    I third #LLUnite

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    1. Covering holes in the same colour is fine. Repaint in a different colour and you'll be deducted for the cost of a decorator.

    2. Replace them with the LEDs that were there in the first place or you'll be deducted.

    3. Obviously. Don't hand back keys and the cost of replacements will be deducted.

    4. Like for like or it'll be deducted.

    5. Leave it as clean as you found it or the cost fo a cleaner will be deducted.

    6. Obviously. See above.

    7. Obviously. See above.

    8. Obviously. See above.

    9. Obviously. See above.

    10. Couldn't care less - it's going in the bin.


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